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The Top CE Retailers by CE Channel

11/24/2003 02:00:00 AM Eastern
THE Top 100 CE Retailers*
Rank 2002Rank 2001 RevisedStore Type (a)Store NameEstimated CE Sales (b) in $ millions 2002Estimated CE Sales (b) in $ millions Revised 2001% Change 2002/2001Number of Stores (c)2002Number of Stores (c)Revised 2001
11EA/NBest Buy$16,730$14,62914.4%548481
Minneapolis-based Best Buy is the No. 1 retailer of consumer electronics, with an assortment that also includes personal computers, entertainment software and appliances. The company opened 67 new U.S. Best Buy retail stores for fiscal 2003, bringing its total number of stores to 548. Total U.S. corporate sales for fiscal 2003 increased 13 percent to $19.23 billion.
The world's largest retailer, publicly traded Wal-Mart operated 2,826 stores and supercenters in the United States in fiscal 2003. Sales and store count are for U.S. stores only and exclude Sam's Club locations. The company also operates an e-commerce Web site. U.S. total sales in fiscal 2003 were $157.12 billion, a 12.9% increase over the prior fiscal year's sales of $139.13 billion.
33EA/NCircuit City9,9609,5204.6626631
Publicly traded Circuit City operates 611 Circuit City Superstores and 15 Circuit City Express mall stores in the United States selling consumer electronics, personal computers and entertainment software. For fiscal year 2003, the company had total sales of $9.96 billion, a 5 percent increase from fiscal 2002 revenues of $9.52 billion. In October 2002, Circuit City divested itself of its CarMax used car retailing unit and, earlier this year, sold its credit operation to Citigroup.
4NRCD/IDell Computer Corp.5,3004,48518.200
Publicly traded Dell bases its merchandising strategy on a direct business model of selling computer systems and services directly to customers over its Web site,'s product offering has increased to include more PC peripheral equipment, projectors, PDAs, software, and digital cameras. Total fiscal 2003 revenues for North America were $25.14 billion, a 15.2 percent increase from the prior fiscal year North American revenues of $21.82 billion.
56MMTarget Stores4,7994,23613.31,1471,053
Target Stores, part of publicly traded Target Corp., operates 1,147 stores. Target also operates 264 Mervyn's stores and 64 Marshall Field's stores. CE figures are for Target stores only. Target Stores sales for fiscal year 2003 increased 13.3 percent to $36.92 billion from the previous year's sales of $32.59 billion.
Radio Shack Corp. is one of the nation's largest consumer electronics retailers, and offers both on- and off-line shopping capabilities through its stores and e-commerce Web site. With more than 7,200 company-owned and franchised dealers, total 2002 store sales were $4.58 billion compared to total sales of $4.775 billion the previous year, a decline of 4 percent. In 2003 it will carry its new store format test to an additional 227 stores.
This leading retailer of personal computers and related products and services operates 225 stores across the United States in 90 major metropolitan markets and sells over its e-commerce Web site. The ownership of CompUSA is split between Grupo Sanborns(51 percent) and wireless provider America Movil (49 percent). Both companies are controlled by the Slim family of Mexico, which plans to also purchase Good Guys.
Publicly traded Staples operates 1,300 stores in North America. Founded in 1986, Staples is a retailer of office supplies, business services, furniture, and electronics technology products to consumers and businesses in North America and throughout Europe. Total revenues for fiscal 2003 for its North American retail and delivery units were $10.56 billion,up from the prior year of $9.92 billion.
Publicly traded Sears had 872 full-line stores in the U.S. at the end of 2002. For 2002, total merchandise sales and service were $35.70 billion compared to $35.76 billion in 2001, essentially a flat sales year. Yet within the period they had significant repositioning and restructuring. Last fall Sears rolled out flat-panel display shops within its consumer electronics departments.
1011HOOffice Depot2,6702,688-0.7867859
At the end of 2002, publicly traded Office Depot had 867 superstores throughout the United States and Canada. Total sales for this international retailer were $11.36 billion for 2002, a 2 percent increase from 2001 results of $11.08 billion. Worldwide e-commerce sales were $2.1 billion for 2002, an increase of 34 percent over 2001. Total North American retail division sales for fiscal 2002 were $5.80 billion compared with $5.84 billion in 2001.
1113WCSam's Club2,5362,3517.9525500
Part of publicly traded Wal-Mart, Sam's Club is the No. 2 members-only warehouse. In fiscal 2003, the company operated 525 stores and had total sales of $31.7 billion, a 7.8 percent increase over the previous fiscal year sales of $29.39 billion.
Publicly traded Kmart operated 1,810 stores at the end of its fiscal 2003 year and sold through its e-commerce Web sites, (now defunct) and The discounter sells computer products, audio, video and communications products. In January 2002, Kmart filed for Chapter 11 and began reorganizing with some 600 store closings. Kmart has since completed its "fast-track" reorganization and emerged from Chapter 11 protection last spring.
Customers can purchase Gateway PCs over the phone, through the company's Web site ( or at one of the now 190 Gateway stores across the United States. Gateway reported U.S. consumer revenues for calendar year 2002 of $2.13 billion, a 31.4 percent decline from the calendar year 2001. At the same time Gateway increased fourth-quarter retail store growth by 4 percent, its first year-over-year same-store increase in two years. Since then, Gateway has shut, remodeled and added A/V to stores.
1416WCCostco Wholesale1,5841,37415.3304365
Publicly traded Costco operates a chain of 412 international membership warehouses, 304 of which are located in the U.S. and Puerto Rico, an increase from the 285 in calendar year 2001. For the 2002 fiscal year ended Sept. 1, the company's U.S revenues increased to $32.3 million from 2001 fiscal year of $28.6 million, an increase of 12.8 percent in revenue.
Publicly traded OfficeMax operates 939 stores in the U.S., Puerto Rico, and the U.S. Virgin Islands. The company also sells its products over its Web site and through catalogs. The company reported domestic U.S. fiscal year 2003 revenues of $4.6 billion compared to $4.5 billion for the previous year.
1615EA/NFry's Electronics1,5431,4655.32120
Privately held Fry's operates 21 stores in California,Texas, Arizona, Oregon and Nevada. Founded in 1985, Fry's stores sell, service and support computer hardware and software, electronic components and accessories, audio, video, telecommunications, major appliances and personal electronics, music CDs, and DVDs as well as convenience and general merchandise items. Stores range in size from 50,000 feet to 200,000 feet. Fry's acquired as a subsidiary in November 2001 to expand its online reach and business. In January 2003 Fry's opened a neon slot machine motif store, store No. 21, in Las Vegas.
GameStop is the largest video game and entertainment software specialty retailer in the United States. The company operates 1,231 retail stores throughout 49 states, the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico, under the Gamestop, Babbage's, Software Etc., and Funcoland brands. Fiscal 2003 total revenues were $1.35 billion, a 20.7 percent increase over the previous year's sales. The company successfully completed its initial public offering in February 2002. Barnes and Noble has approximately a 60 percent interest in GameStop.
1817MS/TOYToys 'R'Us1,2041,216-1.0681701
Publicly held, the company operates separate divisions of Toys 'R' Us in the United States and internationally, plus Kids 'R' Us and Babies 'R' Us units. In the United States, it operates 681 toy stores. The company also sells over its Web site and operates three co-branded online stores on the platform. Total fiscal year 2003 sales in the U.S were $9.144 billion.
1919MS/PXArmy & Air Force Exchange1,1811,0977.7138138
AAFES, as the organization is known, operates almost 1,200 retail facilities worldwide. This retail group sells through its catalog and over its e-commerce Web site. In 2002, electronic merchandise accounted for the greatest percentage of online sales. Customers served include active duty Army and Air Force military, National Guard members, reservists, retirees and their families. Consumer electronics brands carried include Bose, Compaq, Dell, Hitachi, JVC, Kenwood, Klipsch, Panasonic, Pioneer, Samsung, Sony and Toshiba.
2021CSElectronics Boutique95080018.8850636
Electronics Boutique is a leading specialty retailer of video games and PC entertainment software, video game hardware, PC productivity software, PC accessories, interactive toys and trading cards. The company owns and operates 850 stores in the United States with 1,146 stores worldwide as of February 2003 under the names EB Games, Electronics Boutique and EBX. The company has a separate e-commerce division, Averaging 1,200 square feet in size, most of the stores are located in high traffic locations within shopping malls.
2122CSMicro Center81472013.12018
This privately held computer specialty retailer operates in more than a dozen different U.S. markets. Its parent company is Micro Electronics, a privately held billion-dollar technology firm. Micro Center increased the number of retail stores in 2002 to 20 from 18 at year-end 2001, with new stores in Michigan and Georgia.
2224EO/LTweeter Home Entertainment79463026.0174156
Publicly traded Tweeter Home Entertainment Group is a specialty retailer of mid-to high-end audio, mobile, wireless and video consumer electronics products. The company currently operates 177 stores under the Tweeter, HiFi Buys, Sound Advice, Bang & Olufsen, Electronic Interior, Showcase Home Entertainment and Great Indoors' Home Theater Showroom retail store names. In March 2002 Tweeter acquired Hillcrest High Fidelity to service the greater Dallas metro area. Calendar year 2002 total corporate sales were $794 million compared with the prior calendar year sales of $630 million.
2320EO/LGood Guys763820-7.07279
Good Guys operates 72 stores across California, Washington, Oregon and Nevada. Good Guys is a specialty retailer of higher-end entertainment electronics. Total estimated sales for fiscal 2003 are $762.6 million compared to $819.7 million for fiscal 2001, reflecting the closing of seven underperforming stores in January 2002.
2427EO/LUltimate Electronics70458021.45846
Publicly held Ultimate Electronics is a leading specialty retailer of home entertainment and consumer electronics products with retail stores in 13 West and Midwest states. The company has a total of 58 stores that operate under the trade names Ultimate Electronics, SoundTrack and Audio King. A founding member of The Pro Group, Ultimate left the consortium earlier this year.
Publicly held and the largest pure-play e-tailer, became profitable in December 2001. It is rapidly expanding its product offering with clothing sales beginning in 2002 and it was the only Web site to carry the electronic scooter Segway. Total North American sales for fiscal year 2002 were $2.518 billion, a 12.6% increase over the previous year.
2625EO/LBose Corporation6235994.011192
Since its founding in 1964, privately held Bose has been an innovator in audio products and systems using advanced audio technologies. It sells its products through 111 company owned stores in the United States and on its Web site. It has additional sores outside of North America.t
2726EA/MP.C. Richard & Son5925920.04444
This privately held electronics, appliances, and computer retailer was established in 1909 and operates in New York City, New Jersey and Long Island. It currently has 47 stores, half of which have car audio installation centers. Electronics brands carried include Aiwa, HP, Hitachi, JVC, Panasonic, Sharp, Sony and Toshiba.
2830WCBJ's Wholesale50545012.2140130
Publicly traded BJ's Wholesale Club is the No. 3 wholesale club chain operating primarily in the Eastern United States. At the end of its fiscal year, the company operated 140 clubs compared with 130 clubs one year before. Total sales for fiscal 2003 were 5.7 billion, compared to $5.1 billion for fiscal 2002. As part of its growth plans, BJ's planned to open 14 new member clubs in 2003.
With 2002 total sales of $3.9 billion, QVC has emerged as one of the largest interactive retail companies. It has TV direct merchandising and e-commerce not only in the United States, but also the United Kingdom, Germany and Japan. Total sales and CE sales are worldwide. QVC also has six retail outlets in Pennsylvania, Florida, South Carolina and Delaware.
3023EO/LThe Wiz449679-33.91743
As the retail electronics business unit of publicly traded Cablevision Systems, The Wiz for years had been among the most visible consumer electronics retailers in the New York/New Jersey/Connecticut tri-state area. In February 2003 Cablevision announced that it was exiting the consumer electronics business. In March 2003 Cablevision transferred its remaining 17 stores to GBO Electronics Acquisition, a retail liquidator.
3136MS/CAMRitz Camera Centers42432630.11,3001,350
Privately held Ritz Camera operates 1,300 stores in the United States and is the largest photo retailer in the country. In October 2001, Ritz acquired the retail stores of Wolf Camera, and its e-tailing unit, Ritz Interactive, acquired Additional e-tail acquisitions in 2002 included in April 2002 and the online element of CameraWorld in May 2002. The e-commerce segment of the business has also launched RitzElectronics and in 2002. The Pix site is a digital imaging site offering photo sharing and storage online.
3232CD/IBuy.com41936116.100 is an Internet superstore and low price leader, with almost 5 million customers and nearly a million SKUs in a broad range of categories including computer hardware and software, electronics, wireless products and services, books, sporting goods and office supplies. After a rocky early 2001,'s original founder, Scott Blum, reacquired the company in November 2001, taking it private. The company reasserted its low price roots with a greater focus on consumer electronic products. In February 2002 launched its Magazine and later in 2002 engaged in a brief price war with
3333EA/MBrandsMart U.S.A.40434517.155
Privately held BrandsMart U.S.A. is a member of the NATM buying group. It has five stores located in South Florida. In addition to consumer electronics, BrandsMart sells major appliances and small appliances, kitchen and houseware products. The company plans to expand into the Atlanta market by 2005.
3474EO/LApple Computer Retail Stores38367471.65127
Apple Computer had 51 retail stores at the end of calendar year 2002 compared with 27 stores opened at the end of 2001, its first year in business. Revenues increased from $65 million to $383 million over the same time period. By January 2003, the retail segment of the Apple organization had about 1,000 employees. In addition to Macintosh computers, the product mix at the stores includes peripherals, digital cameras, camcorders and Apple's iPod digital audio MP3 players.
3538EA/RH.H. Gregg37831320.84742
Privately held H.H. Gregg operates 47 stores in Georgia, Indiana, Kentucky, Ohio and Tennessee. Its merchandise mix includes video, audio, cellular, computers, satellite systems and major appliances. H.H. Gregg is a member of the NATM buying group and recently expanded into Atlanta.
3631EA/NRex Stores Corporation351380-7.6255264
Publicly traded Rex Stores, a retailer of consumer electronic products and appliances, operates 255 stores in 37 states. Stores are located primarily in small-to-medium markets.
3737MMFred Meyer Stores3253143.5133132
Part of publicly traded Kroger Co., Fred Meyer Stores is a major West Coast food and drug chain that operates 133 large multi-department stores in five Western states. In addition to food and apparel, these stores carry home electronics (music and video)and small appliances.
3834CD/MOMicro Warehouse308338-8.900
Privately held Micro Warehouse was a $2 billion dollar specialty catalog and online retailer of brand name personal computers, computer software, accessories, peripherals and networking products. Approximately $300 million of its sales were consumer generated. The company filed for Chapter 11 protection in September and sold its assets to CDW.
39NRMS/MEWireless Retail30020844.2NANA
The privately held Wireless Retail is a wireless phone chain that operates more than 1,900 staffed kiosks in Wal-Mart, RadioShack, Blockbuster, Kmart and other locations. Revenue for 2002 increased 44 percent over 2001 to $300 million.
4043CD/IPC Mall29424520.011
Sales figures from publicly held PC Mall are now consolidated to include sales from its 2 wholly-owned subsidiaries, eLinux and Business-to-business sales have become a larger portion of the business. PC Mall's core business consists primarily of the PC Mall and MacMall brands. Total sales in 2002 were $863 million, a 20.2 percent increase from prior year sales of $718 million.
4140CD/TVHome Shopping Network285286-0.324
HSN (Home Shopping Network), a division of USA Interactive's Electronic Retailing unit and an industry pioneer, has grown into a global multi-channel retailer. Its 24-hour programming reaches more than 143 million households worldwide. For calendar year 2002, HSN increased its U.S. revenue by 4 percent to $1.613 billion from $1.557 billion.
4239EA/MJ&R Computer World284304-6.611
This privately held New York City institution founded in 1971 had 2002 estimated consumer CE revenues of $284 million through its catalogs, Web site and sprawling block-long storefronts in lower Manhattan. Located two blocks from the World Trade Center, where many of its customers worked, the company lost significant revenue in the wake of Sept. 11, 2001.
4342MS/ToyK-B Toys2732605.01,3201,300
Privately held K-B Toys operates over 1,300 stores in all 50 states, Guam, and Puerto Rico, and offers online shopping at and, which it acquired and relaunched in Oct. 2001. The company has expanded its channels of distribution in 2002 through strategic alliances with CVS and Sears. At the end of 2002 the company opened 76 eToys Shops within select K-B Toys stores.
Publicly traded ShopKo operates 364 stores in 23 states. This includes 141 specialty discount stores operating under the Shopko name in mid-sized and larger cities, and 223 Pamida discount stores in smaller, rural communities. Stores are located in 23 states, primarily in the Midwest, Western Mountain and Pacific Northwest regions. Consolidated fiscal year 2003 retail sales were $3.24 billion compared to $3.32 billion for the previous year, a decline of 2.3 percent.
4547HFAmerican TV & Appliance23420613.61010
This privately held retailer of consumer electronics, appliances and furniture operates 10 retail stores in Wisconsin, Illinois, Michigan and Iowa. Consumer electronics products offered include TV, video, audio, personal computers and personal electronics from a number of manufacturers including Sony, Yamaha, Panasonic, Compaq, Apple, Mitsubishi, RCA, Canon and Motorola. Total sales for 2002 were $374 million compared to $344 million the previous year.
4644MMMusicland Stores207227-8.81,1951,300
In January 2001, Musicland was acquired by Best Buy. Musicland operates primarily under three names — Sam Goody, Suncoast Motion Picture Company and Media Play — in 49 states, Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands. At the end of its fiscal year 2003, the company had scaled back its operations to 1,195 stores from more than 1,300 units at the end of its 2002 fiscal year. Faced with on going sales declines due to poor CD sales and slow mall traffic, Best Buy divested the division in June and has written it off as a discontinued operation.
4748CD/MOCrutchfield Corp.1941920.822
Started in 1974 as a mail order car stereo business, this privately held company now offers home audio/video and car audio through its catalog, via phone, and on its Web site. The Web site's key features include Info Center, an extensive source of consumer electronics information for product selection and installation help, and product comparison for selected products. Headquarters are in Charlottesville, Va. There are also two retail stores in Virginia.
Publicly traded national drug store chain Walgreen operated 3,950 stores in 43 states and Puerto Rico in 2002. Stores carry CD players, cassette players/recorders, radios, computer software and accessories, home phones, pagers and telephone answering products. Sales figures also include pre-recorded and blank audio and video tapes. Total sales for calendar year 2002 were $29.99 billion compared to calendar year 2001 sales of $25.92 billion, an increase of 15.7 percent.
This privately held consumer electronics and appliances chain is a member of the NATM buying group. Conn's operates 41 stores in Louisiana and Texas, a 9-store increase from 2001.
5050EA/RABC Appliance1761694.15454
Privately held ABC, best known as ABC Warehouse, is a member of the NATM buying group. Sales and store count are for ABC Warehouse stores only and not any subsidiaries. Currently, ABC operates 54 stores selling consumer electronics in Michigan, Ohio and Indiana.
5153EO/LCambridge Soundworks169$14715.0%2526
Cambridge Soundworks designs, manufactures and sells high-performance, high-value sound systems for use in home stereo, home theater and multimedia systems. Products are sold via the company's 25 retail locations, with 18 in New England and 7 in California, by telephone, or online at its sister company's e-Web site, The company is a subsidiary of Singapore-based public company Creative Technology.
5251MS/ME/AOCar Toys1671557.75749
Headquartered in Seattle, Wash., Car Toys is a major mobile electronics retailer specializing in car audio and wireless sales and service. It has 57 stores in Washington, Oregon, Colorado and Texas, adding 8 new stores since 2001. The company has formed strategic partnerships with mobile electronics vendors and wireless and paging carriers to provide a broad array of products and services.
5358D/GCVS Pharmacy15410743.94,0874,200
Publicly traded drug store chain CVS operates 4,087 stores in 32 states and the District of Columbia. Calendar year 2002 total sales were $24.18 billion, an 8.7 percent increase from the prior year of $22.24 billion.
54NRMMBig Lots1189228.31,3801,273
Public Big Lots (formerly Consolidated Stores) is the largest close-out retailer in the United States. It not only changed its name in 2001, but in December 2000 spun out its K-B Toys group as a private entity. The Big Lots total fiscal year 2003 revenue of $3.869 billion was a 12.7percent increase from the prior fiscal year.
5559HFR. C. Willey Home Furnishings1131066.61111
Owned by Warren Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway, R.C. Willey is a member of the NATM buying group. This Utah home appliances, electronics, furniture and flooring chain operates 12 stores in Utah, Idaho and Nevada. The 12th store opened in Summerlin, Nevada last spring.
5654CD/MOCDW Computer Centers111131-15.322
Publicly held CDW Computer Centers' business model focuses on small- and medium-sized businesses. Currently, over 97 percent of its sales result from commercial accounts primarily in the corporate and public sectors; less than 3 percent are from non-commercial, consumer accounts. Total sales for fiscal year 2002 were $4.27 billion, a 7.6% increase from $3.96 billion in 2001.
5757DSDillard's Inc.107110-2.7170170
Publicly traded Dillard's operated a total of 334 stores in 29 southern, midwestern and western states in 2002. Approximately 170 of these stores sell consumer electronics. Total sales for fiscal year 2003 were $7.91 billion, a 3 percent decrease in sales from the previous year of $8.16 billion.
5868CASharper Image1058031.3127116
For this publicly held seller of unique personal electronics and gifts, total revenues for fiscal 2003 were $522.0 million, a 32 percent increase from last year's $396.2 million. The company operated 127 stores in 2002. Sharper Image also sells through its catalog and e-commerce Web site and conducts online auction sales.
5955MMTrans World Entertainment103111-7.2900952
Publicly traded Trans World Entertainment is a specialty music and video retailer operating nearly 900 stores in the United States and Puerto Rico, plus and a retail Web site. Its stores are divided into two categories: mall-based and freestanding. Its national mall-based portfolio is now united under the brand name FYE (For Your Entertainment). Freestanding stores include Saturday Matinee, Coconuts, Strawberries, Spec's and Planet Music. Sales in fiscal year 2003 were $1.282 billion, a 7.6 percent decline from the prior year.
6067CSPC Club1018223.24335
Privately held PC Club opened its first store in 1992, and today has 45 retail locations in California, Arizona, Oklahoma, Oregon, Ohio, Washington and Nevada. It sells a wide range of computer products from printer cables to enterprise servers.
6181CD/TVValueVision (rebranded as ShopNBC)1007042.900
In addition to electronics, ValueVision's flagship shopping network ShopNBC unit sells jewelry, housewares, apparel, seasonal items and collectibles through its 24-hour home shopping programming. General Electric and its NBC subsidiary own 41percent of ValueVision. The company reported consolidated total sales of $555 million for its 2003 fiscal year, a 20 percent increase over the previous year's $462 million.
6269D/GRite Aid Corp.1008025.03,4043,497
Publicly traded drug-store chain Rite Aid operated 3,404 stores at the end of fiscal 2003 compared to 3,497 stores from the prior year. Stores carry a limited variety of commodity consumer electronics products including audio/video, tapes and accessories. Total sales in fiscal 2003, ending March 1, were $15.78 billion, an increase of 4.2 percent compared with sales of $15.14 the prior year.
6361EA/M6th Ave Electronics100955.377
Part of the PRO buying group, privately held 6th Avenue operates seven stores in New Jersey, and offers an e-commerce Web site at It is planning on expanding in the future, and is considering former locations of The Wiz.
6460EO/LMagnolia Hi-Fi1001000.01913
Magnolia Hi-Fi, a wholly owned subsidiary of Best Buy Inc., operates 19 stores in Washington, Oregon and California. A high-end CE retailer, the company specializes in audio, video, home theater, custom sales and installation, car audio sales and installation, and products. communication
6545MMAmes Department Stores100214-53.3327333
In August 2001, Ames Department Stores filed for Chapter 11. Restructuring and new management at the regional, full-line discount retailer were unable to establish a secure market position for the company. In August 2002 the retail chain closed and liquidated all 327 store locations in the Northeast, Mid-Atlantic and Mid-West. At the time of closing Ames employed approximately 21,500 and had total revenues of approximately $2.7 billion.
6672EA/MLa Curacao957428.743
Privately held La Curacao is among the largest department stores that focuses on the Latino community in the United States. It opened a fourth store in 2002. The company services the Mexican and Central American communities of Southern California through its Los Angeles and Orange County locations.
Publicly held J.C. Penney sells consumer electronics through the J.C. Penney catalog and its e-commerce Web site, Total revenues for J.C. Penney fiscal year 2003 were $17.7 billion, a decrease of 2.5% from the prior fiscal year of $18.16 billion.
6870CSPC Warehouse958018.89595
Privately held PC Warehouse operates 95 company-owned and franchised retail locations as well as a mail-order business and sells online at its e-commerce Web site. Brands carried include Hewlett-Packard, Viewsonic, Apple, Epson, Compaq and Iomega. PC Warehouse sells to small and medium businesses and consumers. Total company revenue in 2002 was estimated to be $240 million, with $95 million being consumer or small proprietor oriented.
Eckerd Corp., a wholly owned subsidiary of JCPenney Co., is headquartered in Clearwater, Fla. Eckerd is one of America's largest retail drug chains with 2,686 drug stores throughout the Southeast, Sunbelt, and Northeast regions of the U.S. The company's fiscal year 2003 total sales were $14.64 billion, up from $13.85 billion in the prior year, a gain of 5.7 percent.
7064HFNebraska Furniture Mart90865.011
This home-furnishings retailer, owned by investor Warren Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway investment group, is a member of the NATM buying group. Nebraska Furniture Mart has two locations: a 430,000-square-foot store in Omaha offering consumers furniture, floor coverings and major appliances in addition to consumer electronics; and another 450,000-square-foot store, serving the greater Kansas City market, which opened this summer.
7165CSDatavision Computer Video88862.311
Privately held Datavision sells computer hardware, software, video and mobile communications products. The company operates one store in mid-town Manhattan and sells products through its Web site. Brands include Sony, Apple, Toshiba, Olympus, Rio, Panasonic IBM, and Hewlett-Packard.
Zones Inc. is a publicly traded, direct reseller of brand name computer products and services to small- and medium-sized businesses and large enterprise accounts. The company has been de-emphasizing consumer sales. is the company's Internet store portal. Total sales revenues in 2002 was $415 million, a decline of 23.4 percent from 2001 of $541 million.
Privately held Boscov's operates 39 full-line department stores in the five mid-Atlantic states of Pennsylvania, Delaware, New Jersey, New York and Maryland. Boscov's has been in business for more than 75 years and continues to sell multiple brands of consumer electronic products and operates an e-commerce Web site. It joined the NATM buying group last year.
Headquartered in Dallas, Blockbuster is a publicly traded subsidiary of Viacom. It has more than 8,000 stores worldwide. In 2000, the company began marketing DirectTV system equipment in 3,800 of its stores. Additional consumer electronics merchandising began as a trial with partner RadioShack in 2001, although the relationship with RadioShack was discontinued in 2002. Blockbuster is pursuing this area again on its own. The estimated CE sales revenue of $77 million is for U.S. sales only.
7581EA/MRCS Computer Experience685621.413
Founded in 1990, RCS Computer Experience has one high-profile showroom and an e-commerce Web site. Located in New York City, RCS caters to high-end consumers and businesses. Revenue figures presented are for total sales.
7635CD/MOFingerhut Direct Marketing$66$328-79.9%00
The sale of Fingerhut by Federated Department Stores occurred in July 2002. Since Fingerhut had stopped taking orders and was planning to liquidate in the few months prior to its purchase, the company has a significant task of rebuilding its brand name, customer base and associated Web site. A key member of the acquiring group was former, and returning CEO, Ted Deikel.
7784CD/MOHuppins OneCall655322.611
Privately held Huppin's Hi Fi, Photo and Video was established in 1908. Its OneCall mail order/Internet division was launched in April 1994. Lines include TVs, camcorders, DVD, video, home theater, home and portable audio, and digital video. Among brands carried are Sony, Bose, JVC, Philips, Toshiba, Canon, Samsung, Fuji and Panasonic. Huppin's is a member of the Nationwide buying group.
7863MS/PXNavy Exchange6591-28.65154
Sales and store count for Navy Exchange Service Command (NEXCOM) represent worldwide operations. Products carried include audio/video, personal computers (hardware, peripherals, software and accessories), fax machines, home phones and answering devices. Brands carried include Compaq, Epson, Hewlett-Packard, JVC, Panasonic, Pioneer, RCA, Sharp and Sony. NEXCOM ended its year with 51 stores in the United States.
The 57-year old publicly traded Lowe's is the world's second largest home improvement retailer. The company operated 854 stores last year, an increase from 742 stores in 2001. Fiscal year 2003 revenues were $26.5 billion, up 19.8 percent from fiscal year 2002 revenues of $22.1 billion.
8086MMDollar General615315.16,1135,540
Publicly traded discount retailer Dollar General operated 6,113 stores in 27 states during 2002. Total sales for fiscal year 2003 were $6.1 billion, a 15 percent increase over fiscal year 2002 revenues of $5.3 billion.
8180CD/IHarmony Comp. and Elec.61585.211
Privately held Brooklyn N.Y.-based Harmony has one high-volume retail store and an e-commerce Web site ( and has been in business for more than 22 years.
8278MMTower Records6162-1.6103118
MTS of Sacramento, Calif. is one of the largest retailers of recorded music in the United States. The company operates 103 Tower Records stores domestically. In 2002 its worldwide store count decreased dramatically with the October sale of its Japanese subsidiary.
8395CSInnovation Computers603953.811
Miami-based Innovation sold $60 million in computer-related products to consumers in 2002 through a single store and Web site. While it has a largely business-to-business operation, it also markets to consumers. There is a wide range of hardware and software products that include desktop computers, notebooks, printers and scanners.
Privately held, family-run Myer-Emco has served the Maryland/Virginia/ Washington, D.C. metro area since 1955. A member in good standing of the upmarket A/V retail buying consortium Progressive Retailers Organization (PRO Group), the chain has earned an industry-wide reputation for epitomizing the assisted-selling CE dealer. Myer-Emco's assortment is centered on mid-to high-end audio, video, home theater and mobile A/V products, which are complimented by the company's car and custom home installation offerings.
8587HICHome Depot58539.41,3701,201
The Home Depot is the world's largest home improvement retailer and operates 1,370 stores in the United States. Publicly traded, the company had total sales for fiscal 2003 of $58.25 billion, an 8.8 percent increase over the prior fiscal year's net sales of $53.55 billion. Consumer electronics consists largely of wireless telephone sales.
8677EA/RSight 'n Sound5864-9.42524
Publicly held Aaron Rents acquired privately held Sight 'n Sound and its 25 stores in Kansas, Oklahoma, and Texas in August, 2002. Sight 'n Sound will continue to follow its traditional retail model, but may add limited lease and rental options, Aaron said.
Family-owned Bernie's is a member of the NATM buying group and operates eleven stores in Connecticut, Massachusetts and Rhode Island. Stores average 15,000 square feet. Consumer electronics accounts for an estimated 54 percent of sales with the balance being major appliances and bedding.
Privately held Comp-U-Plus is an e-tailer of computer peripherals. Headquartered in Monsey, N.Y., its e-commerce Web site is
8983EO/LKen Crane's Home Ent. City54540.088
Privately held Ken Crane's is an eight-store audio/video chain in Los Angeles and Orange County, California. The stores were founded in 1949. Ken Crane's store locations continue to focus on its core business of high-end big screen TVs and home theater.
9092MS/PXMarine Corps Exchange504316.31515
The Marine Corps Exchange (MCX) operates 15 main stores, and multiple associated facilities. MCX also sells through its catalog and over its extensive e-commerce Web sites, which include 17 base portal sites and four MCX sites. Customers served include active duty military, National Guard members, reservists, retirees and their families.
9191CD/MOPC Connection48472.100
Publicly held PC Connection is a direct marketer of computer systems and peripherals sold through catalogs, telemarketing and its Web site. Fiscal year 2002 sales were $1.19 billion, essentially flat from the 2001 sales. Total revenue includes consumer sales as well as the small office and home office market, and corporate sales. The Top 100 figures are for consumer sales.
9288CD/IInsight Enterprises4853-9.400
Founded in 1988, publicly traded Insight Enterprises is a leading global direct marketer of computer hardware and software. The percent of company sales to consumers is small, at 2 percent or less for 2001 and 2002. Calendar year 2002 total sales were $2.89 billion compared to $2.08 billion in calendar year 2001.
9394MMFamily Dollar Stores474114.64,6934,400
As of the fiscal year ended August 2002, this publicly held mass merchandiser operated 4,616 stores in 42 states. During the current 2003 fiscal year the company plans to open a net of 525 new stores. Total sales for the 2002 fiscal year was $4.16 billion, an increase of 13.6 percent over the prior fiscal year sales of $3.67 billion.
9493MMHastings Entertainment44424.8146141
Publicly held Hastings Entertainment operates 146 multimedia superstores in 21 states, primarily in small-to medium-sized markets in the Midwestern, Western and Southern United States. Stores are typically 20,000 square feet. Total estimated merchandise revenues for fiscal year 2003 were $395.8 million, an estimated 4 percent increase from $379.3 million in merchandise revenues for fiscal year 2002.
9596EA/RHarvey Electronics423713.199
Harvey specializes in high-end audio, video and home theater electronic products. It operates nine stores in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut and also sells over its Web site and on eBay. The public company reported total sales of $41.5 million for fiscal year 2002, a 13 percent increase from the $36.7 million reported for fiscal year 2001.
96NREA/MKing's Great Buys Plus403033.33632
Privately held King's operates three stores under its own brand in the Indiana, Kentucky and Illinois markets and an additional 33 stores under multiple brands. It concentrates primarily on consumer electronics, appliances, and furniture products.
9798EA/NAbt Electronics & Appliance403514.311
With its single megastore of 350,000 square feet and legendary service, privately held Abt has been in business since 1936. APRO Group member, Abt carries a wide range of brands and often aims at more affluent Chicagoland residents. Total sales were approximately $200 million in 2002.
This privately held BrandsMart is not affiliated with the Florida-based BrandsMart U.S.A. It has six stores in the Kansas and Missouri area and carries audio, video, car audio and software.
9997EA/RCowboy Maloney's Elec. City35350.01313
Privately held Cowboy Maloney's is a member of the NATM buying group. Cowboy Maloney's has 13 stores total, with 12 stores in Mississippi and one in Tennessee. Estimates are that approximately slightly more than half of the company's sales are from consumer electronics with the balance in major appliances.
10089MMWherehouse Entertainment3550-30.0404474
Privately held Wherehouse Entertainment and its subsidiaries filed voluntary Chapter 11 in January 2003. As part of the bankruptcy, Wherehouse recently closed 30 stores and expected to close an additional 120 stores over the next several months. It expects the approximately 250 remaining stores to form a base for a profitable, restructured company.
Registry Totals for Top 100$101,381$95,4876.2%
Source: TWICE Market Research © TWICE 2003
>* Updated from original report published in the April 21, 2003 issue of TWICE. See Report Updated story on p. 32 of this issue.
(a) Store type codes were developed jointly by TWICE and the Consumer Electronics Association: (b) All sales information, except for that supplied by publicly held companies that break out line-of-business sales for consumer electronics, is based on TWICE market research estimates. (c) Represents only stores carrying consumer electronics. Source: TWICE Market Research© TWICE 2003
NR = Not ranked last year. NA = Not applicable. CA = Catalog showrooms CS = Computer stores CD/I = Consumer direct/Internet shopping CD/MO = Consumer direct/Mail order CD/TV = Consumer direct/TV shopping DS = Department Store D/G = Drug/Grocery store EA/N = Electronics/Appliance stores/Multi-regional EA/R = Electronics/Appliancestores/Regional EA/M = Electronics/Appliance stores/One-market EO/L = Electronics-only chains with five or more stores HF = Home furnishings stores HIC = Home improvement centers HO = Home office stores MM = Mass merchants MS/CAM = Miscellaneous/Camera stores MS/ME/AO = Miscellaneous/Mobile electronics MS/PX = Miscellaneous/Military exchanges MS/TOY = Miscellaneous/Toy stores WC = Warehouse clubs

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