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RealD, Toshiba Run ‘Carmen In 3D' Promos

2/11/2011 01:23:01 PM Eastern

Los Angeles - RealD, the developer of 3D theater, movie and
passive-glasses 3DTV technologies, said it has signed a marketing and
promotional deal with Toshiba around the upcoming feature film "Carmen in 3D."

Under the deal, Toshiba will
package 3D Blu-ray Discs of "Carmen in 3D" with 3D-enabled Toshiba TVs, PCs and
Blu-ray players.

Toshiba and RealD are
collaborating on 3D technology for the consumer electronics market, adding
support for RealD's passive-glasses stereoscopic format in new Toshiba Regza 3D

"Carmen in 3D" was co-produced by RealD and the London Royal Opera