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November Sales For Audio Down 5.2% To $854M

1/29/2001 02:00:00 AM Eastern

ARLINGTON, VA. -Factory-level audio sales fell for the second consecutive month last November, when declining sales in all major categories reduced industrywide sales by 5.2 percent to $854 million, the Consumer Electronics Association announced.

As a result of double-digit first-half gains followed by single-digit gains in August and September, year-to-date sales were nonetheless up 7.1 percent to $8.04 billion.

Sales of home systems (shelf, rack and home-theater-in-a-box) fell marginally in November, when sales declined 0.4 percent to $270 million. Year-to-date sales were up 6.4 percent to $2.05 billion.

Home component sales also fell in November, dropping 3.9 percent to $143 million, yet still up 7.4 percent to $1.41 billion for the year to date.

Total home audio sales (components and systems combined) slipped 1.7 percent in November to $413 million but rose 6.8 percent for the 11-month period to $3.46 billion.

An 8.3 percent decline in November's aftermarket autosound sales to $162 million helped tamp down year-to-date growth to 1.1 percent for a cumulative volume of $2.06 billion.

Portable audio sales (including the growing home radio category) fell 8.4 percent in November to $279 million, but cumulative sales were up 12.9 percent to $2.51 billion.

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