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JBL Amps Connect To Any Existing System

1/04/2012 09:02:00 AM Eastern

Las Vegas - JBL will go to
International CES with seven new GTO-series car amplifiers designed to connect to
any existing factory or aftermarket sound system.

 The amps are also designed to ensure that
input sensitivity is set correctly for optimum performance, the company added.

The selection consists of two
four-channel amps, a three-channel amp, a five-channel amp, and three mono
amps. Pricing was unavailable.

To connect to most factory
systems, the multichannel amps accept any analog audio signal from 50mV to 15V,
making it unnecessary to install high-to-low-level adapters. For factory
systems that lack a remote-trigger wire, the amps turn on automatically when
they sense audio signal.

To ensure that the input
sensitivity is properly set, the amps come with a setup CD for insertion in the
car's head unit. While the CD plays, the installer turns an input-sensitivity
knob on the amp until an LED turns green.

The subwoofer amps and the
subwoofer channels of the three- and five-channel amps use Class D
amplification for efficiency and high power output in a small chassis. The amps
are 2-ohm-stable.

The full-range channels of the
multichannel amps feature selectable and defeatable high- or low-pass filters,
and the subwoofer channels of the three- and-five-channel amps and subwoofer
amps feature variable low-pass filters. 
The subwoofer channel on the three- and five-channel amps and the
subwoofer amps feature +/-12dB bass boost at 45Hz.

The bridgeable GTO-504EZ is rated
at 4x50 watts into 4 ohms with less than 1 percent THD at 14.4 volts. The
bridgeable GTO-804EZ is rated at 4x80 watts. The three-channel GTO-3EZ is rated
at 2x50 watts into 4 ohms plus 1x500 watts into 2 ohms. The five-channel
GTO-5EZ is rated at 4x40 watts into 4 ohms plus 1x500 watts into 2 ohms.

The three subwoofer amps are
rated at 500, 750 and 1,000 watts, respectively, into 2 ohms with less than 1
percent THD.

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