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iSkin Debuts EarTones

3/24/2011 03:55:25 PM Eastern

Toronto - iSkin
introduced a multi-colored line of earphones on Thursday.


The EarTones stereo
earphones feature an integrated mic and remote that is iPhone and iPad

The line comes in six
color combinations for $39.99 each. All models include Microban antimicrobial
product protection on both the ear buds and the microphone to inhibit the
growth of fungus, odor- and stain-causing bacteria, iSkin said. They also have
a flexible neck that lets the ear buds flex when inserted into the ear.

The EarTones can
reportedly be used as a microphone with Apple apps that support audio input.  They also function with the voice-control
feature on the iPhone and iPod Touch, allowing users to issue voice commands
using the integrated microphone.