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EMTEC Bows Linux-Based Netbook

1/26/2009 02:00:00 AM Eastern

EMTEC unveiled its Gdium netbook this month.

The netbook comes with a USB device called the G-Key, which the company explained stores the operating system, applications and personal data. The G-Key is said to allow each user to store their personal information and preferences “without leaving a trace on the computer.”

The Gdium device features a 10-inch display offering a 1,024 by 600 resolution and a full keyboard. Internally, the netbook features a processor based on MIPS-64 architecture from ST Microelectronics.

The Linux-based system comes equipped with a variety of software including a Firefox Web browser and Thunderbird email client, as well as programs designed for instant messaging, VoIP, blog editing, playing audio/video, security and an Open Office suite of applications.

“The revolutionary new design and the unique synchronization feature of the G-Key separate Gdium from the rest of the pack. With a sub-[$]400 retail price point, we believe EMTEC will become a key player in the netbook market,” said Chris Mack, EVP sales and marketing, EMTEC, North America.

The device comes in white, black or pink.

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