Haier Launches New Countertop Microwave Oven Line

By Alan Wolf On Jul 16 2012 - 4:01am

NEW YORK – Haier America is in rolling out a comprehensive new line of countertop microwave ovens designed, it said, to meet the needs of varied consumer lifestyles.

The new line, which includes compact models with simple mechanical control knobs to family-sized models with electronic controls and a number of convenience features, is targeted at college students, single professionals, busy moms, large families, and anyone who “values the timesavings benefits of a reliable microwave,” Haier said.

“With this new lineup, Haier is acknowledging that the microwave has come a long way from its humble beginnings as the appliance that simply heats up leftovers or makes quick popcorn,” said Troy Mann, Haier’s cooking and dishwasher products VP. “The primary cooking functions and various convenience features on our new models respond to the lifestyle demands and time constraints consumers face every day by offering microwave ovens that simply and easily cook food faster without sacrificing quality.”

Cooking technologies incorporated into the new line include time-based “convenience cooking,” good for quick reheating or defrosting meat or vegetables, which uses sensors to detect humidity released by food during the cooking process and automatically adjusts the cooking time, eliminating hot spots for superior results.

Haier also offers a full line of primary cooking models that feature grilling and convection functions. Grilling uses a radiant element to crisp or brown foods, while convection cooking combines radiant heat with a fan for accurate baking and roasting.

Models include the HMC1685SESS, a spacious 1.6-cubic- foot, 1,000-watt microwave with electronic touch controls and a 12.8-inch removable glass turntable. The additional space helps cut down the need to heat multiple smaller portions, Haier said.

The more compact HMC920BEBB is a 900-watt model with 0.9 cubic feet of capacity and such electronic touch controls as six one-touch cooking programs for commonly heated foods like popcorn, potatoes and hot beverages; 10 power levels for greater cooking accuracy; and multi-stage, variable power functionality for more complex cooking projects.

Small and midsize ovens are shipping now, while the 1.6-cubic-foot model will be available this fall. All are offered in black and white, with additional stainless-steel trim available for select models.

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