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Yamaha Introduces World’s First Dolby Atmos- Enabled Sound Bar

BUENA PARK, Calif. (November 10, 2015) – Yamaha today announced the YSP-5600, the world’s first sound bar to feature Dolby Atmos technology. Dolby Atmos delivers captivating, moving audio that places sound anywhere in the room, even overhead, to bring entertainment alive all around the audience. The YSP-5600 will also be the world’s first sound bar to support DTS:X™ with an upcoming firmware update to further support multidimensional listening experiences. In addition to delivering thrilling 3D sound, this model also supports the company’s recently introduced MusicCast wireless multiroom audio system.

The YSP-5600 is the first sound bar in the world that is able to play back the new Dolby Atmos sound format without the need to add an additional AV receiver, surround or in-ceiling speakers and provides a new way to produce this listening experience with just a single sound bar unit and a subwoofer.

This remarkable feat is accomplished using Yamaha exclusive Digital Sound Projector technology, which the company has used in its premium sound bars for over a decade and is uniquely suited to deliver these new multidimensional listening experiences. The YSP-5600 employs the technology together with the use of 44 small speaker drivers, including 12 for the height channels, to create sound “beams” that achieve the equivalent of a 7.1.2-channel speaker system.

“As multiple speaker systems are not always feasible or desirable in some rooms, the YSP-5600 represents the simplest, most elegant solution for introducing Dolby Atmos and DTS:X into the home,” said Bob Goedken, general manager, AV Division, Yamaha Corporation of America. “And since it is equipped with MusicCast, this impressive sound bar doubles as an entertainment hub that can stream audio content to other MusicCast products throughout the home.”

With the attractive and intuitive app, MusicCast gives users the ability to effortlessly stream music over a home’s Wi-Fi network from mobile devices and computers, as well as from services such as Pandora®, Spotify, Rhapsody® and SiriusXM Internet Radio.

Like all Yamaha MusicCast components, the YSP-5600 supports Bluetooth® as an input or an output. Bluetooth input enables it to play content streamed from mobile devices and re-stream this audio to other MusicCast devices over Wi-Fi. Bluetooth output makes it possible to re-stream MusicCast network audio content from the YSP-5600 to other Bluetooth devices, such portable speakers and headphones.

The YSP-5600 is one of the 20 Yamaha MusicCast components that will be available by the end of 2015.

The YSP-5600 offers HDMI® connectivity and full 4K Ultra HD with 4K 60p and HDCP 2.2 support for the enjoyment of the latest TV content without image degradation.

For proper sound performance, the YSP-5600 requires the use of a separate subwoofer which is sold separately so that it can support a wider range of subwoofer types. The suggested subwoofer model from Yamaha is the NS-SW300, though it can work with any powered subwoofer. The YSP-5600 offers a subwoofer output for wired connection or an optional wireless subwoofer kit (SWK-W16) is available for those who prefer a wireless connection.

The YSP-5600 can be placed on top of TV furniture or it can be wall mounted using an optional bracket (SPM-K30).

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Pricing and Availability

The Yamaha MusicCast YSP-5600 sound bar will be available exclusively at authorized Yamaha dealers in December for $1,699.95 MSRP. The SWK-W16 subwoofer kit and the SPM-K30 wall-mount bracket will be available for $149.95 MSRP and $79.95 MSRP respectively. Suggested Yamaha subwoofer NS-SW300 is available currently for $549.95 MSRP.