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What a Rush! SKAA Wireless Receiver Not Just For Headphones Anymore

EDMONTON, Alberta, Canada, March 24, 2017 – It’s true. Eleven Engineering’s Rush SKAA mini analog receiver is a great tool for headphones…but it has also become the perfect wireless receiver for powered speakers.

“Rush has become wildly popular, and we’ve found that our customers love it not just to enable their existing headphones, but it has become a multi-functional audio tool for them, as well,” explained Rex Whitehead, Eleven Engineering director of sales, North America. “Since Rush works with SKAA cmd (optional app) when used with our Ursula, Diz, Izabella or Gemma transmitters, it is also now being utilized to enable powered speakers and subs. Rush truly is the little engine that could do most anything.”

Eleven Engineering, Inc. (, a market leader in semiconductor products for wireless audio for home theater, multi-room, portable, professional, 12 Volt (car, truck, motorcycle, power sports, marine) and gaming applications, designed Rush for use with AUX-in devices and headphones. With SKAA, the receivers (speakers / headphones) are in charge of selecting which transmitter to listen to.  There’s no pairing…instead use Bond Button for easy transmitter selection.

Rush utilizes a 3.5 mm stereo audio output jack, volume control +/- buttons, it remembers up to 10 of your favorite transmitters, it has 35m indoor range, has low latency which is great for watching movies, TV and playing games, power it from any USB port, use up to four receivers at the same time with any one SKAA transmitter, ships with SKAA OS 2.4, works with all transmitters running SKAA OS 2.1 or newer (if you’re not sure what version you have, go to TLC, send us a note and just ask), and, there is free shipping to top it all off.

SKAA is the new wireless HiFi audio standard developed by Eleven Engineering, Inc. SKAA transmitters work with iOS & Android mobile devices, Mac & Windows computers, televisions, and just about any product with a line output or a headphone jack. SKAA is also available as a built-in technology not requiring an external transmitter in purpose-designed partner products, which are featured at SKAA navigates hostile environments saturated in wireless traffic with best-in-class reliability. SKAA delivers uninterrupted audio with the highest sound quality to all speakers without the latency that is inherent in other wireless solutions.

“SKAA is ridiculously easy to use – all compatible products are ready to play right out of the box”, Whitehead continued. “It’s also highly flexible, being compatible with a fantastic breadth of audio sources. Plus, SKAA receivers can effortlessly switch from source to source. And don’t forget rock-solid reliability, great range, and CD-quality sound. is the source for all things SKAA.”

For more information, contact Rex Whitehead at 480-650-3979 or email [email protected]. For more information on Eleven Engineering, visit www.SKAA.comand

About Eleven Engineering, Inc.

Edmonton, Alberta, Canada-based Eleven Engineering, Inc. is a market leader in microprocessors SiPs (System in Package) and modules designed for wireless audio for Home Theater, Multi-Room, Portable, and Pro Audio products. Eleven’s XInC2 multithreaded processor was designed specifically for digital wireless audio applications but is also well suited for other realtime intensive microprocessor applications.

Eleven’s high-performance wireless audio semiconductors, equipped with XInC2 wireless processor cores, are complete solutions for high-quality digital wireless audio transport. WFD™, Eleven’s proprietary wireless audio transport protocol, has a narrow footprint in the radio spectrum, delivering both best-in-class coexistence with WiFi / Bluetooth and unparalleled Quality of Service.

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