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Wazee Digital at IBC2016

IBC2016 Preview
Sept. 9-13
Wazee Digital in the IABM Lounge

Wazee Digital Core
At IBC2016, Wazee Digital will highlight Wazee Digital Core, the company’s digital asset management solution. Core is the center of the Wazee Digital content management system, the foundation for all of the company’s services and capabilities. Core manages the complex tasks of video content acquisition, effective workflow, universal access, metadata management, and automated delivery to any affiliate or any screen. Core integrates powerful multiscreen video logistics with workflow intelligence to give content owners maximum operational efficiencies and control. Furthermore, Core offers secure cloud storage that scales with the size of the digital library.

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Live Event Services
Also highlighted at IBC2016 will be Wazee Digital’s Live Event Services, the company’s solution for capturing, amplifying, and monetizing the most compelling moments in sports and live events. Once captured, these moments live forever, offering unique value to sports and entertainment properties and their rights-holders. Wazee Digital provides an end-to-end solution of products and services for companies and rights-holders to manage valuable content, reach their rightful audience, and monetize their assets. Wazee Digital’s Live Event Services include content capture, management, and access; highlights production and publishing; an interview and highlights newswire; sponsor activation; and dynamic ingest and licensing.

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Company Quote
“Some of the largest sports and media organizations in the world rely on Wazee Digital’s Core solution as the foundation of a rich, versatile, scalable media workflow customized to fit specific operational and business requirements. IBC gives us a chance to communicate to users how to mix Core with associated products and services in virtually endless combinations to bring maximum value to the media supply chain.”
— Andy Hurt, SVP, Marketing and Business Development for Wazee Digital

About Wazee Digital 
Wazee Digital is the leader in content management and monetization services for media and entertainment companies. Wazee Digital provides one of the world’s largest managed video and metadata platforms as a cloud-based service, reducing or eliminating the impact of people intensive processes, legacy hardware and monolithic software on our customers as they transition to digital.

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