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VITEC Content & Communications World (CCW)

VITEC at CCW 2015

VITEC’s Professional Series of Portable H.264 Encoding and Streaming Appliances 
Featuring Zixi and ProMPEG error-correction technologies, VITEC’s professional series of portable HEVC and H.264 encoding and streaming appliances, the MGW Premium, MGW Nano, and MGW Pico are a field-proven family of rugged, compact, and pocket-sized streaming appliances designed for low-latency streaming of HD/SD content in the most demanding of environments. Designed for stationary and field applications, the small footprint encoders ingest and stream video, audio, and critical metadata from any source, anytime, anywhere. 

The MGW Premium is VITEC’s highest density unit capable of encoding up to two HD sources or up to four SD sources simultaneously. The MGW Premium encoder is the ideal all-in-one appliance for encoding and streaming of TV feeds from HDMI-based set-top boxes, desktop screen imagery, or other analog sources. 

Designed for single-source applications, the MGW Nano is a more compact unit featuring HD/SD/SDI and HDMI. MGW Nano is offered with standard connectors or in an airborne certified rugged version called MGW Nano Tough, which features MIL-STD 38999 interfaces and enhanced environmental ratings. 

At only the size of a credit card, the MGW Pico is the smallest, lightest, and most powerful H.264 HD/SD encoder in the market. Weighing less than seven ounces, MGW Pico boasts HD/SD-SDI and composite inputs with the same compression quality and capability as the MGW Premium and Nano in an ultra-small form factor for manned and unmanned vehicles. 

Image Caption: MGW Premium

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Image Caption: MGW Nano

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Image Caption: MGW Pico

NEW at CCW! MGW Ace — The First Portable HEVC Encoder 
On display at CCW is VITEC’s all-new MGW Ace appliance, the industry’s first 100-percent hardware-based HEVC portable device for encoding and streaming video. Powerful yet compact, the revolutionary device features HEVC (H.265) bandwidth-efficient compression as well as legacy H.264 capabilities. Its wide selection of I/Os and low power consumption using VITEC’s HEVC compression chip make it a perfect solution for streaming video, audio, and KLV metadata while in the field or on the move. When coupled with the MGW D265 portable HEVC IP decoder, it becomes an end-to-end, on-the-go streaming solution for broadcast, military, medical, education, enterprise, telco, government, transportation, sports, and entertainment. 

Image Caption: MGW Ace

Image Caption: MGW D265 

At CCW, VITEC will be showcasing its award-winning EZ TV IPTV system, which allows any facility to deliver live, on-demand, or recorded video over their existing IP infrastructure. Using the EZ TV Web portal, administrators can easily create, manage, and distribute video assets while the solution’s browser-based EZ TV Player uses the market’s most flexible digital video codec to offer CPU-efficient quality playback of IPTV streams across networks. Now equipped with a new add-on for IPTV settings, the solution easily complements any IPTV deployment with quality and compliance dashboards as well as instant alerts — ensuring all video, audio, and metadata services are delivered reliably to users.

Image Caption: EZ TV IPTV

Company Quote: 

“The consistent growth of CCW each year and its draw to key decision-makers from high-profile customers makes attending the show invaluable to us. That it remains a more intimate show gives us a greater opportunity for direct conversations and meetings with industry leaders. This year, we’re very excited to bring new innovations as well as upgraded legacy products to the CCW floor, including the MGW Portable Encoder family that now offers Zixi error-correction; MGW Ace, the world’s first portable HEVC encoder; and our popular EZ TV IPTV delivery system.”
— Michael Chorpash, VP of Sales at VITEC

Company Overview:  

VITEC is a worldwide leading provider of innovative digital video products that support end-to-end media solutions for broadcast, military, medical, education, enterprise, telco, government, transportation, sports, and entertainment customers. VITEC’s professional-grade video technologies have changed the landscape of how video is processed and delivered around the world and drive many of the major video services in key vertical markets. For more information, visit   

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