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Topdser Dropshipping Platform Now Offers Multichannel Support

Topdser Dropshipping Platform Now Offers Multichannel Support

Topdser, the premier dropship solution connecting product suppliers with Shopify e-retailers, today announced that it now offers the ability to integrate with many of the largest and most prominent e-commerce channels. This enables dropshipping merchants to sync orders from these various platforms and purchase from the top vendors sourced by Topdser Sourcing, while letting Topdser handle the purchasing, consolidation and fulfillment of these orders. Tracking information is synced directly to those platforms, with timely and accurate tracking information provided directly to their customers.

“Dropshipping plays a critical role in the larger e-commerce ecosystem, yet it can be challenging to integrate cross-functionally with many of the channels that dropshippers rely on,” said Elon Zhao, the Founder of Topdser. “By integrating with key channels, we alleviate many of these challenges and empower dropshippers on the Topdser platform to tailor solutions that maximize their revenue and profitability.”


Previously, dropshippers working cross-platform would typically have to create their own CSV or Excel file to share relevant order data with their dropshipping agent. Order tracking was equally antiquated, as dropshippers would then manually upload and sync tracking information from the various platforms. Topdser eliminates these manual processes and provides a tremendous value-add to dropshippers on the Topdser platform.


Initial set-up involves communication between the dropshipper and their Topdser account manager to ensure seamless integration across platforms. Once established, merchants simply have to confirm and pay for each purchase with the rest of the cross-platform integration handled by Topdser. Dropshippers can also take advantage of a new pre-loaded wallet feature and seller authorization capability that enables them to skip the payment confirmation process and enjoy a fully automated order fulfilment process.


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About Topdser

Topdser is a leading dropship solution that connects product suppliers and e-retailers. The company’s platform gives online sellers valuable real-time insight into online shopping behavior to help them adjust promotions for maximum conversion. With these integrated solutions and a thoroughly vetted marketplace of certified U.S. suppliers, Topdser is the one-stop e-commerce solution that empowers dropshippers like never before. Founded in 2019, Topdser is a global company headquartered in Los Angeles. For more information, visit