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Three-Year Old Canadian Company Profits From Growing Awareness About The Importance Of Tech Hygiene

Serendipity pivots an auto cleaning products company into a mobile tech success for entrepreneurs.

TORONTO, CANADA — Jason Greenspan remembers the moment like it was yesterday.  He and his partners had started out in 2011 making and selling car-detailing products.  It was the fall of 2012 when he was sitting at his desk one day, working on next year’s plan for the business, when serendipity struck. 

“I accidently spilled some of the cleaner on my iPad, panicked, and immediately began to wipe the screen.  When I finished I couldn’t believe the result – it was like my screen was brand new again!  That’s when I knew we had our next big idea,” Greenspan explained recently from the company’s Toronto headquarters where, this year, the company shipped 200,000 units of WHOOSH! Screen Shine screen cleaner to more than 5,000 retail locations across North America.  WHOOSH! is now carried in all North American Apple stores, 2500 Wal-mart stores, as well as in Target Canada, Staples Canada, Canadian Tire, and Shoppers Drug Mart stores.  “We’ve definitely captured lightening in a bottle,” Greenspan explained, “and we believe the best is yet to come.”

The best is yet to come, he emphasized, because consumer awareness of the importance of tech hygiene is really just beginning to reach a critical mass.  

“More people use mobile devices than ever before.  Smartphones, tablets, and notebook computers have become staples in our daily lives.  Unfortunately, so too have the dirt that builds up on all of these devices.  In fact, according to Yahoo!, the average cell phone is up to ten times dirtier than a toilet seat. 

After testing the idea with consumers, WHOOSH! developed a new proprietary formula made with non-toxic and biodegradable surfactants instead of with harsh chemicals that can damage mobile devices and pose a threat to health.  Leveraging the latest advancements in formula development, WHOOSH! was specifically developed to be a safe yet powerful cleaning solution that eliminates fingerprints, smudges, dirt, grime and makeup from any electronic device screen — leaving a clear, streak-free finish that  not only makes the screen shine like new but also resists hatred fingerprints.  WHOOSH! does not contain alcohol, acids, ammonia, chlorine, petroleum distillates, phosphates or volatile organic compounds.

WHOOSH! Screen Shine made its debut at CES 2014 where it became the only screen and device cleaner to be awarded two coveted CES Innovations Design & Engineering Awards.  It’s also the only screen cleaner certified by the Sharp STAR Program for use on Sharp AQUOS BOARD interactive displays, and it’s the only screen cleaner that comes with a ‘Safe for Your Screen’ guarantee.  WHOOSH! is the most advanced non-toxic, streak-free screen cleaning solution that safely cleans screens while keeping them shining like new and resistant to fingerprints and smudges. WHOOSH! is also ideal for use on television screens.

“2014 sales year-to-date are up over 500% from a year ago,” Greenspan said.  “We estimate that WHOOSH! has now cleaned more than one million mobile device screens.  Just thinking about that number makes me smile, but we know it’s just a start.”

As for the future, new and innovative cleaning products are definitely on the horizon, according to Greenspan, who said that the company has plans to make a major new product introduction at CES 2015, the place where it all began.


Headquartered in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, WHOOSH!® Inc. is defining the next generation of clean by leveraging the latest advancements in formula development to create powerful, non-toxic and safe specialty-purpose cleaning products that simply outperform other traditional and natural cleaning products. For more information, please visit

*”SAFE FOR YOUR SCREEN” GUARANTEE. The WHOOSH!® screen cleaner product is guaranteed to not harm any screen of an electronic device that uses a screen of a type and nature that was commercially available on or before January 1, 2014 (including and limited to Apple Retina® displays, TFT, Glass, LCD, Plasma, LCD, OLED, UltraHD, CRT, Eink, and Ultra HD screens), so long as used properly.  If you feel the WHOOSH!® screen cleaner product, when used properly and according to the instructions provided with the product or on our website, has harmed the screen of your electronic device, WHOOSH! will either repair or replace the device.  Please see the complete Safe For Your Screen Guarantee at WHOOSHSCREENSHINE.COM.