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Stinger 9000 Series Launches with Multimedia Campaign, Merchandising Displays and More

Clearwater, FL (March 3, 2015) – Today, Stinger® ( announced that they will roll out a multimedia communications campaign to further promote the launch of its new 9000 Series premium interconnects. Stinger is also introducing a new point-of-sale display designed to educate and inform consumers about the advantages of these interconnects’ balanced optimized dual alloy (BODA) construction and launch a special product-specific webpage (

Originally launched at the 2015 International CES, the new Stinger 9000 series interconnects feature a variety of unique, premium components, including independent pure silver conductors, ultra OFC long grain copper conductors, dual Mylar shielding, and precision-machined locking connectors with carbon fiber inserts. However, the standout feature of these interconnects is the BODA construction that delivers deeper, tighter bass; vivid midrange tones, crystal-clear highs and stunningly realistic vocals.

According to Bonnie VanderMeer, Marketing Director for AAMP of America (Stinger’s parent company), “When we displayed the new Stinger 9000 Series products at CES, visitors were impressed with the performance aspects and styling of the cables, but most had no knowledge of BODA technology or what the advantages were. We realized that education – to dealers and end users alike – would be essential, and began developing the elements of this multimedia campaign immediately upon our return.”

Put simply, BODA technology utilizes 12 independent conductors in a two-channel cable (12 conductors are typically used to build a standard six-channel cable). The two separate conductors – pure silver and the long grain copper – allow for better frequency response via the inherent benefits of each metal.

This multimedia campaign will include banner ads, online videos, dealer outreach, sales training, product reviews and more. The 9000 Series webpage – located at is currently live.

To maximize these communications efforts and provide dealers with every opportunity to profit from this technology, Stinger has created a new merchandising display and new packaging for the 9000 series. The new packaging is specially designed to attract attention and allow for unassisted sell-through. Open areas on the package allow the customer to touch and feel the quality of the product and raise their overall perceived value. Copy on the packaging is short and direct, and easy-to-follow iconography ensures the person buying the product has 100% confidence that they know how to use it and what to expect.

Established in 1990, Stinger is the undisputed leader in mobile audio and power accessories, offering a wide range of batteries, capacitors, interconnects, wiring kits, and sound damping material. For more information, please visit  or contact your Stinger Sales Representative at 800-477-2267.

AAMP of America – a portfolio company of Audax Group –  is a global supplier of a broad spectrum of in-vehicle mobile audio/video products, mobile device accessories, installation and fabrication supplies, and OEM integration solutions. AAMP of America brings new technologies to the forefront and provides its customers with the products, services and support necessary for success in a competitive market. AAMP of Americais the parent company of several popular brands, including Stinger, PAC, iSimple, INTRAPHEX, Phoenix Gold, P.I.E., Select Products, American International, Armour Automotive, Best Kits & Harnesses and Sound Quest. For more information, please visit