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TULSA, OK – NOVEMBER 10, 2014 –  SpringDeck, the innovative new sales presentation software provider, and Azione Unlimited (AU), the buying and educational group for integrators and custom retailers announced today a strategic partnership naming AU as SpringDeck’s exclusive buying group partner, and giving AU members a discounted rate on it’s powerful presentation software.

“We are very proud to have Aizone Unlimited as our exclusive buying group partner,” said Ryan Sullivan, CEO of SpringDeck. “We believe in AU’s goal to help vendors and dealers succeed, and we feel this partnership will strengthen industry relationships while enhancing their sales process along the way.”

AU’s desire to educate its members and help them become more profitable will be amplified by SpringDeck’s extensive lineup of tech features. The software includes an iPad app and online dashboard that act as a centralized hub for sales collateral such as product cut sheets, videos, and other content from manufacturers. Users can download a manufacturer’s full product library or easily upload their own product content. The app allows users to make seamless presentations, email customized links with favorite products and even track what potential clients do with product information after the pitch. The in-depth analytics built into the software offers unprecedented insight into product and client interactions and sends follow-up notifications to help close the deal.  

“Our goal is to offer benefits that maximize profitability for both our dealer and vendor members, and this partnership is going to be a win-win,” shared Richard Glikes, President of Aizone Unlimited. “SpringDeck is a unique tool that is perfect in our digital age. Its ease of use and great product information will allow AU members to save time and close sales more easily.”


About SpringDeck

SpringDeck® is a sales software that brings together products, sales teams and potential clients. With the SpringDeck app, products are available at a touch of a screen, sales teams are prepared for the pitch, and clients are impressed with a customized product experience. For more information, visit or follow SpringDeck at Twitter and Facebook.

About Azione Unlimited
Azione Unlimited (AU) is the buying and educational group for integrators and custom retailers.  Our goals are to deliver exceptional profits to all dealer and vendor members to ensure long-term success, create a cohesive national network of leading edge entrepreneurs, and provide an ongoing dialogue and platforms on ideas, interaction, and execution excellence.  Our focused vendor line-up ensures maximized profitability for both our dealer and vendor members. For more information, visit or like them on Facebook.