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Soundcast’s European Sales Summit Closes With Great Anticipation for 2016

San Diego, CA (November 3, 2015) – Oscar Ciornei, President/CEO of Soundcast recently held its European Fall Sales Summit in Belgium which concluded with high enthusiasm and anticipation for 2016 with a new product line in development, heightened sales support and new brand marketing strategy.

Principals from Soundcast’s esteemed international sales and marketing partners came from UK, Portugal, Switzerland, France, Belgium, Sweden, Netherlands, Spain, Germany, Austria, and Italy to meet in Brussels, Belgium for this first summit following the sale of Soundcast and the appointment of its new leadership team headed by Oscar Ciornei. 

Soundcast has a strong European presence and brand name including several freestanding retail stores in the EU countries. Partners that attended the summit were delighted to learn of the company’s strong resources, upcoming new product launch in 2016 and its vision for the future.  Alain Van den Nest, Soundcast Europe stated, “Every summit attendee was very excited of the new line up of products and the versatile technology Soundcast will be using. We are pleased that Soundcast will not be competing with other brands but addressing the needs for rugged yet elegant outdoor systems that work with any and all brands. I feel more confident than ever that our Soundcast sales and its demand in Europe will be at an all time high.”

Soundcast is in full motion with the first offering of its highly anticipated new product line up to be revealed at CES 2016 in Las Vegas, Nevada (Venetian Palazzo Suites) that is scheduled to begin shipping globally in Q2 2016.

Soundcast reached out to many of its best dealers and distributors to gather feedback required for the design of their highly anticipated new series of products.  “They spoke, we listened”, says Oscar Ciornei, President/CEO of Soundcast. “Soundcast is crafting a future based upon its core values of portability, high-performance audio and weather resistance —and we’re taking that to the next level with improved sound, functionality, connectivity, ease of use, smaller & lighter in size and premium modern design aesthetics suited for today’s consumer.”


Located in San Diego, California, Soundcast is a market innovator and leader in high-performance wireless audio systems sold globally through multiple markets. With a full line of Portable Music Systems and Wireless Audio Solutions, backed by over ten years of audio, battery and wireless technology research and development, Soundcast innovations have paved the way for the industry. Featuring a weather-resistant enclosure and industry leading battery life, our products are made for indoors and outdoors all-day play.