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Sneaker Power Bank Keeps You Running with Convenience and Style

San Diego, CA- December 2, 2014: XSORIES is excited to announce its Sneaker Power Bank, a portable battery designed to juice up any type of mobile device. Sneaker Power Bank frees users from wall outlets so they can stay focused on whatever adventure lays ahead. The dual-charging power bank is comprised of tough rubber with a silicone top for a rugged exterior and unique sneaker-like look.

Every Sneaker Power Bank includes a clever USB/Micro-USB/30-pin convertible cable. Users are finally able to charge their smart phones, tablets, cameras and any other type of mobile device all from one convenient cable. Sneaker Power Bank features an illuminated LED lighting indicator that lets users know how much energy is left in the battery and when it is time for a re-charge.

Sneaker Power Bank’s slim and sleek design was created with active travelers and busy lifestyles in mind. The Power Bank is small enough to easily fit into a purse, pocket or luggage case yet strong enough to withstand varying types of environments.

Sneaker Power Bank is available for $79.99 on

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