Smarter Toys Make for Smarter Kids

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NAGANO, JAPAN, NOVEMBER 21, 2014 --  According to a recent international exam, American K-12 students score near the bottom in science and mathematics among industrialized nations. While a number of factors may be to blame, experts note that students in higher scoring countries devoted more time to studying and less time to playing video games or watching TV than their American counterparts.  Encouraging hard work, problem solving and imagination starts at an early age in leading countries where parents put a strong focus on academics and on smarter, more creative playtime activities and toys. Smart toys are not only fun, they're also valuable tools to make children smarter and help prepare them with skills needed to be an successful student.  One example of this type of toy is the Powershovel L.A.S.T. (Learning-Achieving-Sharing-Teaching) camera kit. It lets you and your child assemble an actual 35mm film camera, providing you with the opportunity to explain how a traditional film camera works and what's unique about the technology. Assembling the camera with your child makes them feel loved, and this enhances learning. Once built, the kit is a fully functional point-and-shoot film camera that takes photos the good old fashioned way, sans digital imaging. The Powershovel L.A.S.T. camera kit has two interchangeable lenses: a standard view angle (45mm) and an ultra-wide view angle (22mm). Swap the normal back cover with the light leak back cover to let your child experiment and take more creative photos. Long exposure photography -- a rare find on digital point-and-shoot cameras -- is also possible in the camera's Bulb mode. Don't think that's enough? After you build the camera, you can personalize it to express your own flare. The front plates are removable for easy decoration. So go ahead and spray it, paint it, engrave it... let the world know your style, ideas and designs. This holiday season, whether you're looking to rekindle your passion for old school image-making, or hoping to teach a new generation about the basics of photography, the L.A.S.T. camera is a great way to go about it. There is plenty that can be learned from film through the fun of building this beautiful film camera. The L.A.S.T. camera is available at for $59.99 (USD) and comes with one free front panel label. EDITOR NOTE: Click to download high resolution image. More photos available upon request.

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