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Set the Controls: Introducing the VC Spectral Tilt by ADDAC System

Lisbon, Portugal, September 3, 2020 — ADDAC System introduces its new ADDAC605 Spectral Tilt, a 4hp Eurorack synthesizer module. The TILT EQ concept was first introduced in the 1970’s by Quad Ltd, and featured on the company’s model 34 preamplifier. The tilt control “tilts” the frequency spectrum of the audio signal by simultaneously boosting the treble and cutting the bass frequencies — or vice versa — making it a simple to use but powerful EQ.


As stated by Quad Ltd, it was designed to “produce a very gradual change in balance across the musical spectrum without changing the overall subjective level.” This gradual fall from bass to treble — or vice versa — means there’s no sudden change and hence no ‘coloration’ added to the sound. The sound will remain entirely natural but with a slight added bottom or high end.

In practice, the Spectral Tilt rotates most of the audio-range frequency response around a 1kHz axis, so as to change the overall balance of the sound from warm to cool — but without affecting either the apparent volume or the “color” of the sound.

A Tilted Spectral Universe

With the ADDAC605, we introduce this idea into the modular world in a stereo configuration. A CV input with attenuverter has been added for the ‘Tilt’ control, as well as a ‘Spectral Motion’ switch that allows stereo spectral matching or inverted spectrum use of the Tilt control: Left = Right matches both channels direction — for example, when the left channel is tilted to the low end, the right channel will also be tilted to the low end.

Left ≠ Right meantime inverts the right channel spectrum. For example, when the left channel is tilted to the low end, the right channel will be inversely tilted to the high end — or vice-versa. This possibility is extremely interesting when applied as a stereo effect — or in other words, as a spectral EQ panner.


Stereo Input and Output

– Spectral Motion Switch

– Tilt control with CV Input and Attenuverter knob

Tech Specs


– 4cm deep

– 20mA +12V

– 20mA -12V

The ADDAC605 Spectral Tilt is shipping in mid-September for an MSRP €140. The module will also be available as a full DIY kit.


About ADDAC System

ADDAC System develops advanced instruments for sonic expression. The company started back in 2009 with an ambition to explore the potential crossover between analog synthesizers and computers. Because its first creations sparked a lot of attention, ADDAC decided to work hard and put them in customers’ hands. Today our product line is focused on a new breed of hybrid synths, that make use of the best of both the digital and analog worlds. We’ve grown to be able to reach thousands of enthusiastic clients, friends and collaborators. Always looking into conceptualizing and developing the most exquisite instruments, we hope you’re able to join and share this passion with us.  Our solutions can be found in many personal studio throughout the world, owned by musicians in several planes of stardom. We especially appreciate seeing them being used in a very wide range of musical genres.