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Satechi’s Sleek F3 Smart Monitor Stand Clears Clutter and Optimizes Productivity

WHO: Satechi creates innovative accessories and peripherals that easily integrate with users’ electronics in their homes, offices, cars or on-the-go.                                                                                                                                                                               

WHAT: Satechi’s F3 Smart Monitor Stand creates a clean, clutter-free environment for any home or work space, while offering a sleek finish. Currently available in white, the F3 Smart Monitor Stand is perfect for any desktop computer or laptop.


  • Four USB 3.0 Ports
       The F3 Smart Monitor Stand features four USB 3.0 ports, allowing users to easily connect USB devices to a convenience location underneath their monitor. This feature allows them to quickly and efficiently transfer data between devices.
  • Headphone / Microphone Ports
       Located next to the USB ports are headphone and microphone ports, used to connect headphones or speakers to a users’ computer, as well as a microphone for voice chat or speech-to-text software
  • Aluminum Alloy Legs
       The F3 Smart Monitor Stand’s sturdy aluminum alloy legs are built to support a large variety of devices including a computer, monitor, laptop, all-in-one computer, printer and other devices
  • Adjustable Height

With a slim, modern design, the F3 Smart Monitor Stand raises users’ monitors to one of two preset heights for maximum comfort to reduce eye and neck strain

  • Includes
       Satechi F3 Smart Monitor Stand, two audio cables (one for microphone, one for headphones), USB 3.0 cable, two aluminum legs and rubber pads to protect a users’ device while preventing sliding

AVAILABILITY: Introductory price of $44.99 at and


Media Contact:

Bruno Solari

Account Coordinator

Max Borges Agency for Satechi

305-374-4404 x185

[email protected]