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Fountain Valley, CA – Audio manufacturer RIVA Audio, the lifestyle brand of Audio Design Experts, Inc. (ADX™) recognized for its best-in-class audio products, today announced its new partnership with Azione Unlimited, the business networking, education, and buying group for integrators. This partnership will provide Azione’s members access to RIVA’s outstanding product line, including the new WAND series of multi-room “+” speakers, and gives RIVA a cohesive, well-trained and supported national network of leading edge entrepreneurs to work with. The partnership will also provide platforms that facilitate and encourage the sharing of ideas, group interaction, and ongoing education.

“This is an important partnership for RIVA as we get ready to launch the WAND series of products globally”, says Michael Gleason VP, Sales for RIVA Audio.  Michael adds, “Azione represents a solid group of dealers who are some of the largest integrators in the CEDIA channel. We are excited to get in front of them and share our enthusiasm with these new wireless products.”

Richard Glikes, Director of Azione says, “RIVA looks to be the next big thing for the integrator channel. Here’s an easy to use, full-featured product with performance and margin. That’s the right combination to be extremely successful.”

Azione Unlimited was impressed with RIVA Audio’s 100+ years of combined experience in audio production and that the company continues to develop and launch world-class audio products that gain glowing reviews from places like CNET, Sound & Vision,Forbes, Mashable, USA Today, Digital Trends, Consumer Reports, The Absolute Sound, The Wirecutter, Stereophile and Yahoo! Tech and various others. RIVA was similarly inspired by the fact that 94% of Azione’s 178 members are integrators that do a combined annual business of $560M =, allowing RIVA to reach a large audience of customers.

Members and their customers will appreciate that RIVA’s products are powered by ADX’s proprietary Trillium™ technology, which offers stereo sound from a single speaker. The partnership will fully mature in 2017, when RIVA Audio embarks into the multi-space audio market with RIVA’S WAND series – a customizable and easy-to-use multi-room “+” audio system that delivers high quality, patented stereophonic sound from a single speaker. The result is an unrivaled audio experience that can play to any room or outdoor locations from any networked or online source. WAND offers a new way to play all your favorite music without restrictions, and Azione Unlimited members will be in a premiere position to offer the system to their customers.

Similarly, RIVA will benefit from the knowledge and experience of Azione’s member network to reach a larger audience of interested consumers, especially given how easy the WAND system is to use and setup. The RIVA WAND Series will include the ARENA and FESTIVAL speakers. Both the ARENA and FESTIVAL speakers have been named 2017 CES Innovations Award Honorees, are winners of the TWICE and Residential Systems CEDIA 2016 Best of Show Award and have received the Editor’s Choice from Innovation and Tech Today.


RIVA Audio was born from a core ideal: That a collection of renegade rock ‘n’ rollers, passionate designers and genius engineers, led by one of rock’s legends, could design a new philosophy of sound that gives the LIVE sound experience back to consumers while incorporating the best lifestyle technologies available today. We are innovators of technology designed to give that LIVE sound experience back to consumers – their way.  We provide flexibility, freedom, simplicity and superior audio to drive the ultimate consumer experience anywhere or anytime YOU want. RIVA, through its patented technology, history of leveraging vanguard technologies into strategic thought leadership, and integration with best-in-class technology brings you a new philosophy of audio that ties in with the ever-evolving philosophy of people’s lifestyle. RIVA is headquartered in Southern California where they create and design their RIVA family of products. For more information about RIVA, please visit our social media pages: ,,, Google +,


ADX™ is committed to re-inventing the way people think about high performance audio. Through ADX’s™ innovative designs, intellectual property, esteemed partners, and years of creative experience, the company is able to develop truly cutting-edge, hardware and software-based audio solutions that fit within a customer’s budget.


Azione Unlimited (AU) is the business networking, buying, and educational group for integrators and custom retailers.  Our goals are: to deliver exceptional profits to all dealer and vendor members to ensure their long-term success; to create a cohesive national network of leading edge entrepreneurs; to provide platforms that facilitate and encourage the sharing of ideas, group interaction, and ongoing education; and to share and promote execution excellence in our members. Our very focused vendor line-up ensures maximized profitability for both our dealer and vendor members.

Azione Unlimited’s motto is SHARE*TRUST*PROSPER.  AU strives to educate its members in order to help them become more profitable.  National member conferences, gatherings at CEDIA, monthly webinars and newsletters, give our members up-to-date information vital for continued growth and success.