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A Revolution in SIM Privacy – Ready SIM Relaunches as ZIP SIM – First Self-Activating, Private, Instant, Short Term Prepaid U.S. Wireless Service





A Revolution in SIM Privacy — Now with Ability to Change Phone Numbers Twice After Activation & Enhanced Focus on Convenience & Privacy

Just Insert SIM, Text Your ZIP Code, and Go!

Seattle, WA, April 14, 2016 – Otono announced today it has changed the name of its Ready SIM patentedself-activating wireless service to ZIP SIM as part of an increased focus on ease of activation and customer privacy. The name change reflects a strategic shift to focus on the product’s main attribute, which is quick service activation through the company’s patented self-activation process. Simply insert the SIM, send a text message to 7850 with your U.S. zip code to instantly activate the SIM, and you will be assigned a local phone number and start the plan right away. There is never a need to activate the service through a dealer, website, or customer service representative. With the relaunch, ZIP SIM now offers the ability to change phone numbers twice after initial activation, as well as an enhanced focus on convenience and privacy. In addition, from now until April 30th, Otono is offering a 30% off Relaunch Promo Discount by using the code “ZIPSIM30” at check-out. See how it works at:

Travel SIM Choice of Fortune 500 Companies — Users Also Include Vacationers, Younger Customers, Customers Concerned with Privacy, & Those without Credit

The travel SIM choice for Fortune 500 companies sending employees to visit offices in the U.S., as well as business travelers and vacationers,  ZIP SIM has also seen a surge in use by younger customers (between the ages of 18-35) who are expressing a growing concern with privacy and those without credit. Other new ZIP SIM users include mobileworkteams, emergency responders, law enforcement, political campaign offices, press, military personnel, and web and app developers. Everyone loves the simplicity and self-management that the ZIP SIM wireless service provides. ZIP SIM is also available at numerous trade shows, including Telecom Expense Management Summits, Mobility and Telecom Conferences, and developer and gaming events. The company is also partnering with members of the travel industry, including hotel, airline, and taxi and limousine companies who wish to provide their guests and customers with instant access to reliable cellular service on arrival in the U.S.

An Award-Winning Revolution in SIM Privacy & Protection of Personal Information

“Best Plan for Short Visits” – PC Magazine

The launch of Ready SIM in 2013 was heralded as a revolution inSIM privacy and ease of use. It was quickly adopted by the market and received the prestigious Fierce15 Award from FierceWireless as a market disruptor and was named “Best Plan for Short Visits” by PC Magazine. Ars Techica said, “I’ve never seen a simpler and quicker mobile phone setup.” The product saw tremendous adoption from a wide variety of customer groups, driving the demand for instant self-activating cellular service well beyond the expected initial target market.

In the current privacy sensitive environment, ZIP SIM provides a unique and robust solution. “Both corporations and individuals alike initially flocked to Ready SIM for the ease of activation, but were surprised and excited by the security and privacy included. As such, we will continue to put customer privacy at the core of our business while being 100% compliant with government regulations for the wireless industry,” said Oren Chervinsky, VP Global Sales & Marketing for Otono.

With the transition to ZIP SIM, existing customers can be assured that there will be no interruption in service:

  • The ZIP SIM website,, will be available to place orders for ZIP SIM cards and purchase of long distance add-ons or top ups.
  • Customers currently with a Ready SIM will still be able to activate once they arrive in the U.S.
  • Customers with a Ready SIM will be able to top up their cards on the ZIP SIM website or by calling ZIP SIM Customer Care at 1-877-273-3540.
  • All customer account information and order history is automatically transferred to the new ZIP SIM website.

“ZIP SIM is different. We knew there was demand for short-term service — just a little talk, text, and data for a couple weeks or a few days. Our self-activation technology also made it incredibly easy for customers to start their plans. Nobody wants to find a local mall with a cell phone kiosk and sit down with some sales rep to activate. The answer was to preload each SIM card with one of our plans, have that plan start right after the SIM is inserted and the customer texts a ZIP code,” concluded Chervinsky.

ZIP SIM is available immediately for purchase online and through select distributors and partners worldwide with 30% off until April 30th using the code “ZIPSIM30” at check-out. For more information, visit the website:, Facebook:, Twitter:

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