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The Ultimate Gift for Music Makers: Pyro Audio Unloads 50% Black Friday Discount for Monthly Subscription Plan

Friday, November 16, 2018 — Griswold, CT — Subscription-based sound design service Pyro Audio announced that it will offer a Black Friday discount of 50% off its monthly subscription service for up to six months. For four days only — from Nov. 23 through midnight Nov. 26 — music creators will have the opportunity to purchase a half-price subscription to Pyro Audio, which provides members with a brand-new set of sonic tools at the start of each month. Each set of sound samples — which are strictly limited edition — provides users with a fresh package of vivid, beat centric percussion elements to foster creativity and inspire new music.

“Our 50% off Black Friday promotion equates to six limited-edition sound packs and hundreds of new sounds for under six bucks,” commented Eric Palonen, Founder of Pyro Audio. “Our sounds are totally unique in the market and curated on different themes each month, never to be made available again. Now, for a fraction of the cost of a piece of software or audio equipment, producers are able to access sounds that will help inspire new directions.”

Explosive creative power

Typically available either for a zero-impact annual subscription price of $14.99 per year, or month-to-month for just $1.79, Pyro Audio sound packs harness the explosive creative power of the producer’s “first listen,” offering users completely original percussion sounds and growing their audio sample library, with automatic delivery.

Sample packs are downloadable in .WAV file format used by all popular samplers and Digital Audio Workstations, including MPC Software, Maschine, Ableton, FL Studio, among others. Once downloaded, Pyro Audio sound packs can be used forever, royalty-free.

And since Pyro Audio permanently archives each volume at the end every month, subscribers continually amass an arsenal of unique sounds that can be used alongside any of the stock sounds available with samplers or sampling software. This gives Pyro subscribers the ability to craft a completely one-of-a-kind style using boutique, limited-edition percussion samples, setting Pyro Audio users apart from producers who can often get stuck in the rut of using the same old standard audio samples.

Black Friday savings

To get music producers out of the rut this November, Pyro Audio’s fourth sound pack, AXLES, explores the sonic intricacy of mechanical axles in motion, first dissecting, and then amalgamating these audible layers with essential instruments for beat production to yield otherworldly samples that encourage experimentation.

Pyro Audio Volume 4: AXLES features 66 all-new sounds that will add an extra gear to any producer’s creative process with sounds from hand-selected devices with distinct sonic character, including electronic motors, utility wheels, pressurized soda bottles, antique door knobs, and kitchen utensils — all of which are just a small cross-section of the AXLES captured and then dissolved into percussive base samples. From loaded springs to latch impacts, this sound pack is full of organic sound design.

Using a variety of sound layering techniques, AXLES incorporates a wide variety of rooms and mic’ing distances to broaden the desirable noise component of each sound, ultimately arriving at samples with inimitable sustain and decay characteristics.

From Black Friday through midnight Cyber Monday, music producers can visit Pyro Audio’s website to start their subscription, beginning with Vol. 4: AXLES, for half off the standard monthly subscription price, for up to six months, using promo code BF50.

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About Pyro Audio

Pyro Audio was founded by sound designer & engineer, studio owner, audiophile, and technology advocate Eric Palonen. Palonen’s pro audio career began in 2004 at Sennheiser / Neumann in the support and marketing of transducer technologies, and continued to inMusic Brands — home of Akai Professional, Alesis, M-Audio, Air Music Technology, and others. You can learn more about Pyro Audio here: