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Prolitec Introduces Amazon Alexa Skill for Aera Home Fragrance System

Seattle, WA – Prolitec, a global leader in commercial ambient scenting, today announced that its popular Aera home fragrance system can now be voice controlled with Amazon Alexa. Aera debuted late last year as a major innovation in home scenting – incorporating Prolitec’s patented AirQ™ scenting technology, fragrances with essential oils, and the latest in iOS and Android smartphone control – making it the first full-featured scenting system for the connected home. 

Aera can be already controlled via the AeraForHome smartphone app (for both iOS and Android), offering the ability to easily adjust scent levels to match a room size from 10 to 2,000 square feet, create scent schedules by hour or day for multiple devices and multiple rooms in a home (or homes), as well as the convenience of being able to monitor capsule fragrance levels.

 “Connected households enjoy both smartphone and Amazon Alexa control of key environmental elements, such as temperature, security, lighting, and sound. Aera filled the obvious gap: control of the ambient scent,” said Richard Weening, Prolitec CEO.

Now, Aera works with Amazon Alexa. Simply download the Amazon Alexa app and enable the Aera skill. Users can control Aera via the following voice commands:

  • To turn Aera on: “Alexa, tell Aera to turn on”
  • To find out the current scent level: “Alexa, ask Aera what the scent level is” 
  • To change the scent level: “Alexa, tell Aera to adjust the scent level to six” (scent levels range from one to ten, with ten as the highest)
  • To turn Aera off: “Alexa, tell Aera to turn off”

 Aera is unlike home air fresheners found in supermarkets or specialty stores (plugins, aerosol sprays, gels and other traditional scenting methods).

 “Aera takes a radically different, patented approach to creating a superior scent effect. It’s uniformly distributed throughout a room, smells the same every day, and does this with very low, hypoallergenic quantities of fragrance ingredients in the air.” explains Weening. “Aera uses advanced scent technology developed for use in public places like hotels, retail stores, and malls – where quality and performance standards are exacting. Aera makes the perfect scent experience available for the home.” 

The Aera package, including an Aera smart home diffuser and a long-lasting fragrance capsule, sells online at or at Fragrance refill capsules last 60 days at the mid-setting, operating 24 hours daily, and 120 days at 12 hours a day. There are currently 8 different fragrances available for Aera.

First light, then sound and temperature …and now Aera’s amazing home scenting with Amazon Alexa integration.

About Prolitec

Aera® is brought to you by Prolitec®, a technology-enabled ambient scenting services company. With AirQ™, their patented scent diffusion technology, they provide scented environments to global clients in retail, hospitality, health & wellness, transportation and real estate with more than 127,000 installations in 80 countries touching an estimated 37 million people each day. Aera® is the home air care brand of Prolitec.