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PRESS RELEASE: Echo Connect – first ever Apple licensed iPhone AND Android charger, 2-in-1

Echo introduces the world’s first dual charge key for the majority of your electronic devices. The Echo Connect is Apple lightning and micro-USB cable that unlocks power sources – condensed down to one small key-sized connector.

The Echo Connect is the first ever MFI certified dual connector connecting micro USB and Apple lightning devices to a USB power source – all built on one small, slick key chain. Charge your smartphone, android, iPhone, tablets, and more with one device.

People own many assorted electronic devices, and the Echo Connect will allow you to charge most of them. Never before has a charging accessory been so relevant to the growing demand of our technological devices.

In addition Echo Connect is extremely robust; don’t worry about breaking your cable. Use it and abuse it – it’ll last. With upgraded connectors and reinforcements, Echo Connect is built for life. Made from Thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) and reinforced with hard plastic around the connectors – it is virtually indestructible. So attach it to your keys, wear it as a necklace, slip into your purse or wallet, hide it in the bottom of your bag – no more tangled leads, broken cables and dead batteries!

Echo Connect is the same size as a small door key – so you can carry it with you always. And, it’s completely secure; with the unique “Either Or Switch” that will protect your data by only allowing one device to charge at a time.

Echo Connect will officially launch on March 28th and will retail for just $35 USD. Choose from white, blue, purple or black.

However, you can get yours for half price until the 28th March. Echo recently launched an Indiegogo crowd funding campaign allowing backers to have their items delivered by the end of April and benefit from a range of discounts.

Indiegogo supporters can buy an Echo Connect from just $9 USD – they can even opt for a personalised Echo Connect that is unique to them.

See:  The campaign closes on March 28, 2015 (11:59pm PT).

Within three days of the launch of the crowd funding campaign the target goal was smashed, after five days, it was doubled.

Echo now has distributors in 20 countries and by August the Echo Connect will be available in major retail outfits across the globe.

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Editor’s Notes:

Matt Cooper-Jones, founder of Echo is available for interview and comment.

For media enquiries please contact Sophie at Panpathic Communications –[email protected]  / 07815 860 082

About Echo

Founded in 2014, Echo are a young passionate team dedicated to creating the highest quality electronic devices that keep you connected in the modern world. Innovative ideas, met with intricate design and unique production techniques are the formula for Echo’s expertly crafted electrical goods.

As a World dependent upon our electrical appliances, we have lost an element of control over our lives. We are slaves to batteries that cannot keep up with the increased demand of our devices and the fast paced nature of our daily activities. But here at Echo we are determined to put the power back in users’ hands. Our mission is to push boundaries and find solutions to the growing demand of mobility in our electronic devices. It is this mind set that has given birth to the evolution of the cable and our flagship product, Echo’s “Connect Key”.