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Polar Loop 2 Android Smart Notifications Now Available

The Polar Loop 2 just got smarter with the introduction of the much anticipated Android smart notifications. Already available for iOS users, the smart notifications now allow Android users to receive vibration and scrolling text alerts for incoming calls, messages and calendar reminders.

To enjoy new Android smart notifications, users simply need to update the Loop 2 by connecting it to Polar’s Flowsync software. Then, open the Settings menu of the latest Android Polar Flow app, and turn on smart notifications within the Flow app settings. When you receive a call, email, or calendar alert, the Loop 2 will notify you with a gentle vibration and scrolling text.

Designed to be worn 24/7, the Loop 2 tracks users’ daily activity, workouts and sleep, and vibrates reminding the user to move if they have been sitting for too long. It offers activity suggestions to help encourage users meet daily goals while having fun, whether it’s walking to work, doing lunges in the grocery store, or dancing while cooking dinner.

The Loop 2 can also pair with Polar’s H7 Bluetooth® Smart heart rate sensor for live, accurate heart rate. Its illuminating display consists of 85 individually placed LED lights, and the wristband is customizable in size, secured with a high-quality stainless steel buckle.

The Loop 2 is available in a pink or white version that features a silicon strap for $119.95 on

It is also available in a newly released sleek, black edition which features TPU material and black bezel accents for $119.95 on