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Poieo3D Printer Brings Tomorrow’s Technology Home Today

TORONTO, Nov. 19, 2014 /PRNewswire/ – 3D printing is finally ready for prime time, play time and study time! Designed BY families FOR families, the Poieo3D Printer aims to make this exciting new technology as commonplace, worry-free and affordable as a microwave oven. Currently featured on Kickstarter, the Poieo3D Printer is the first and only such featured device to offer a one-year warranty, FREE lifetime online education, and a family-friendly, child-safe design.


The Toronto, Ontario-based R&D team behind the Poieo3D Printer made safety a priority in all aspects of the design. The elegantly rounded, Polycarbonate-ABS casing has no distracting buttons or screens, no sharp edges or fiddly clamps, no hot plates or wayward lasers to burn tiny hands or damage inquisitive eyes. Instead, a large window illuminated by a cool-running white LED showcases each 3D-printed creation as it comes into being, layer by paper-thin layer.

“Sure there are competitive products with flashy laser cutter attachments,” explains Tom Zelenka (M.B.A., P.Eng.), one of the co-founders of, “but as a parent do you really want that in your home? I don’t know how many times my son has reached for a part while it’s printing. If that was a laser cutter he would not have a hand!”

The Poieo3D Printer is environmentally-friendly as well. The printing process employs filaments of biodegradable print material derived from renewable plant-based resources. Unlike petroleum-based plastics, this material does NOT give off foul-smelling fumes when the printer is used, making it ideal for home/classroom use.

“We have learned so much along the way through this journey and want other families and kids to benefit,” states Jeff Alford, co-founder of “Our goal is to create an on-line educational community of learning with training modules, instructional videos, projects for family, friends, kids, and school teachers.” You can’t put a price on that kind of knowledge!

The Kickstarter campaign runs until the end of 2014.  Poieo3D Printer Purchasers are eligible for special discounts with the the Early Bird at only CAD$649! (US$571 at the current 0.88 exchange rate)

For more information on the revolutionary, groundbreaking, family-friendly Poieo3D Printer, visit the home page: and the Kickstarter campaign page:

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