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PlumChoice Expands Premium Support; Becomes the First to Help Consumers Make the Connected Home a Reality

LOWELL, Mass. – As consumers continue to explore and purchase a broader array of smart technology and devices for entertainment, productivity and expanded mobility, PlumChoice, Inc., the leader in specialized technical services for the Internet of Things (IoT) and cloud enablement, has announced that the company will offer technical support for smart technology as part of all existing premium technical support subscriptions and at no extra cost to the consumer. PlumChoice becomes the first third-party support provider to offer this level of support, either direct to the consumer or through the company’s white-label partnerships with leading device manufacturers, retailers, Internet Service Providers (ISPs), telco companies and cable providers.

Existing paid support programs don’t measure up when it comes to complex issues and the increasing demands of the consumer brought on by the IoT. Providers continually either charge extra, limit support to the devices and products they make or sell, or simply lack the expertise to address unique issues when it comes to the consumer’s complete technology environment. PlumChoice continues to be an outlier in the industry and is bucking the trend by offering comprehensive smart technology services that support the consumer’s technology environment. These services move beyond traditional support of devices like computers, printers, routers and mobile phones, and help consumers simplify their experiences with all of their technology – without the frustrations of added costs or dealing with inexperienced contact centers.

“There is one clear reason the connected home isn’t yet a reality for the masses: consumers do not have easy access to the support they need to realize the convenience, simplicity and control that’s promised. Until now.” said Wynn Grubbs, senior vice president of business and partner development, PlumChoice. “PlumChoice is the only provider to identify and address this problem for consumers, whether you’re an existing subscriber or someone who is struggling to realize the value from the technology purchases you’ve made. PlumChoice is built and dedicated to helping all consumers realize the full value and enjoy the benefits of every piece of technology – regardless of the brand and without charging an arm and a leg.”

With PlumChoice, consumers have a trusted technology advisor that provides all-encompassing support, which includes:

  • *Pre-purchase advice and consultation
  • *Installation, activation and ongoing usage support
  • *24/7 brand-agnostic technical support for all connected devices throughout their entire home and office environment
  • *Remote do-it-with-me (DIWM), do-it-for-me (DIFM) or do-it-yourself (DIY) support to accommodate all consumer skill level

“If we are all going to invest in smart, connected technology, we should all demand a better experience,” said Bob Badavas, president and CEO of PlumChoice. “We’re doubling down with our brand partners and the future of the IoT by putting the focus on supporting the consumer and their environments – no matter what brand they choose and without breaking their wallet.”

Most PlumChoice Premium Technical Support (PTS) subscriptions are sold through retailers, manufacturers, telco/cable/ISP providers, software developers and distributors. Consumers who are interested in benefiting from these enhanced technical support subscriptions should ask their preferred brands about the services and plans available. For information about PlumChoice, please visit