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Phiaton’s High-Fidelity MS 100 BA, Balanced-Armature Earphones, Now Available

IRVINE, CA (March 5, 2015)Phiaton Corporation, a premium manufacturer of high-performance personal audio products, today announces the availability of its MS 100 BA, which sets a new standard for audio performance in balanced armature earphones.

Balancing warmth and detail, without cutting back on bass, these versatile earphones provide high-fidelity listening in a light, stylish aluminum body that adds durability. Double-injection tips bolstered by sound-isolating technology prevent sound leakage and minimize reverberation for continuous sound quality.

“This sub-$100 addition to our line was designed to capture refined details in music while providing pronounced bass that isn’t typical in balanced armature earphones,” said James Baik, President of Phiaton.

Features of the MS 100 BA earphones with microphone include:

Sound-Isolating: Prevent sound leakage and minimalize reverberation with double-shelled housing.
In-line Control: Control music and answer phone calls with the touch of a button and without removing your earphones.
Tangle-Free Cord: Minimalize cable tangling and touch noise with textured, oval-shaped cable.
Aluminum Body: Add style and durability with the aluminum body.
Double-Injection Tips: Prevent sound leakage and obtain a more stable, comfortable fit.

The new MS 100 BA earphones are now available for $99 on and other Phiaton partner retailers. For more information on Phiaton Corporation and its MS 100 BA earphones, please contact Lindsay Stuart at [email protected] or 305-374-4404 ext. 149.

About Phiaton Corporation: Phiaton produces elegant and crystal clear headphones that are designed for the audiophile who’s searching for premium sound quality. Every Phiaton product combines inventive technology and elegant design for the most natural soundstage, wearability and eye-catching appeal in audio gear today.

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Media Contact:
Lindsay Stuart
Max Borges Agency
80 SW 8th Street
Miami, FL 33130
305-374-4404 ext. 149
[email protected]