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Phase Technology Awarded a Patent in Bass Extending Technology for Architectural Speakers

Overland Park, Kansas (October 22, 2017) – Phase Technology, a leading American loudspeaker manufacturer with a heritage for innovation is awarded a new patent (#15265773) on its new Bass Extending Technology for architectural speakers. Phase Tech’s two new in-wall models, the C1120 and CI130 incorporate the patented technology.

The revolutionary new technology extends bass lower than an acoustic suspension or bass reflex in-wall or in-ceiling speaker in the same size enclosure. In-wall and in-ceiling speakers generally have rear enclosures that are too small to produce low bass. With this technology advancement, a speaker with the same size rear enclosure will have bass output that extends up to one octave lower than a comparable speaker.

The Bass Extending technology provides two solutions; it incorporates a back box to reduce sound transmission to an adjacent room and lowers the resonance of the speaker. The upshot is the best of both worlds with a cleaner listening experience and a significant boost in bass output.

“This is a real-world problem solving advancement for achieving deeper bass while reducing sound transmission through the rear wall of the room.” says Ken Hecht, MSE Audio Vice President of R&D. “The patent bass extending hybrid enclosure design produces much deeper bass compared to in-wall or in-ceiling speakers using conventional enclosures.

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About Phase Technology

Phase Technology is a 62-year old American-made loudspeaker brand. The company started in 1955 as United Speaker Systems, an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) building speakers for many great brands for decades. The founder of Phase Technology was the inventor and patent holder of the Soft Dome Tweeter in 1967. The Phase Technology brand was launched in 1983. With over six decades of design and engineering innovation, Phase Tech continues to innovate and build performance Speakers for Your Life™. Visit

or call 888-PHASE TK for more information. Phase Technology is an MSE Audio owned company.

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