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Petra Partners with Design Engineering to Expand Car Audio Selection

EDMOND, Okla. — Petra Industries, the consumer electronic industry’s accessory authority, has added Design Engineering, Inc. to its list of vendor partners. With its Boom Mat and DEI brands, Design Engineering offers a wide selection of car audio accessories including wire sleeves, self-fusing tape, thermal tuning products and sound-absorbing insulation material. 

DEI, formed in 1995, is recognized in the automotive aftermarket as a major supplier of thermal and acoustic high performance products developed for multiple markets including automotive, powersports, marine, industrial and aeronautics. DEI’s Boom Mat brand of acoustic products dominates the automotive aftermarket and is continuing to gain recognition on a global level. Utilizing proprietary materials and processes, Boom Mat has over 100 products designed to improve sound quality, reduce or redirect vibration, protect components against hot or cold temperatures, or reduce unwanted ambient or exterior noise. Trusted by world class car builders, Boom Mat continues to innovate new products to revolutionize acoustic control. 

DEI engineers constantly work to identify new areas where they can improve, innovate and bring new products to market rapidly. This is demonstrated with their Fire Tape™ that is made of non-adhesive silicone rubber that is waterproof and remains flexible in heat and cold. The tape sticks to itself and seals without any adhesive—no more sticky mess! Also the Moldable Sound and Moisture Barrier from Boom Mat conforms to the shape of an automotive chassis, or can be applied with a heat gun for more intricate areas. This barrier is ideal for custom fit or unique places and is easily removable for repairs or service. 

“Partnering with Design Engineering is a great opportunity for us to expand our range of car audio products,” said Tate Morgan, Petra President. 

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