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Oslo Hosts ‘World First’ as TIDAL Successfully Streams Meridian MQA Music Files

The modern day music fan’s dream of supreme music quality perfectly packaged with ultimate convenience is a step closer to reality: Meridian Audio and TIDAL are proud to report that on 5th March 2015 at TIDAL’s Oslo HQ, the high-fidelity music streaming service successfully streamed MQA music files to an MQA-enabled Meridian music system.

The event was led jointly by Bob Stuart, co-founder of Meridian Audio and creator of MQA, and Pål Bråtelund, Strategic Partnership Manager of TIDAL. Employing TIDAL streaming technology together with a pair of Meridian Special Edition DSP7200 Digital Active Loudspeakers and a Meridian 818 Reference Audio Core, the team successfully demonstrated that listeners can experience the full quality and intricacy of recordings, authenticated in the studio –  using incredibly ‘streaming-friendly’ files.

Bob Stuart says “We’ve been working very closely with TIDAL and we appreciate their support very much. Today’s events clearly demonstrate that we can bring quality and convenience together with this innovative MQA technology. Streaming this sound quality is a big milestone, it’s an important moment for future generations of music lovers”.

Those attending the invite-only event included Morten Lindberg, a renowned recording producer specialising in venue recording of classical music, along with other prominent local music industry representatives.


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Meridian is based near Cambridge, UK, and was founded in 1977 by Bob Stuart and Allen Boothroyd. With over 35 years’ history of innovation and development of uncompromised consumer home entertainment systems offering exceptional performance, this award-winning company is widely recognized as a world leader in high-quality audio and video reproduction. Meridian developed the first audiophile CD player, the world’s first consumer digital surround controller and the world’s first digital loudspeaker. Bob Stuart architected MLP, the lossless coding used in DVD-Audio and Blu-ray. The company’s optical disc players, DSP loudspeakers, video projectors and processors are unique in the industry, maintaining a super-quality digital signal throughout the path from the studio to the home, using advanced digital signal processing to deliver both a sweet, natural sound and smooth, crystal-sharp images with true cinematic realism.