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New Smart Plug Monitors Your Energy Usage, Connects Your Devices + Acts as a Night Light in the Dark

Fibaro’s new Wall Plug is the smallest intelligent power adapter with standard & USB plugs and features Z-Wave Plus

CEDIA 2017 – San Diego, CA – September 6 – 9 – Booth #2620 – FIBARO, a leading global manufacturer of wireless intelligent home automation and control devices, introduces a smart power adapter called Wall Plug to the U.S. market at CEDIA EXPO 2017. With spots for a regular powered device and USB, users can plug essentially any kind of device into the adapter and monitor power levels and energy usage. Plus, it gives any dumb device the ability to be controlled by popular Z-Wave smart home hubs, including Fibaro’s Home Center 2 and HCL.

An intelligent outlet adapter, Wall Plug monitors power consumption at the plug and USB port independently. The color ring provides a visual cue of the device’s current power load and when connected to Fibaro’s Home Center Lite or Home Center 2, allows users to set a maximum power limit for each connected device. If the device gets too warm or power consumption goes beyond the specified amount, a purple light will flash. Likewise, if there is a short circuit on one of the connected devices, the Wall Plug will automatically shut down power to that device, thus protecting other electrical devices in the home from damage. Along with visual cues, the system also instantly alerts users of any problems via SMS or email and can activate pre-defined scenes.

Setup of the Wall Plug is easy, simply plug it into any standard outlet and push a button to connect it to a Z-Wave network. Unique to the Wall Plug is a feature that allows users to test the Z-Wave network range indicated by a change in colors of the LED ring. Wall Plug also include a built-in safety cover, especially handy for households with young children, and, a soft glow setting can be activated to use the Wall Plug as a night light.

Users can also check the current energy consumption of other connected devices throughout the home within the configuration interface of Fibaro’s Home Center 2 or HCL controllers. Using a computer or the Fibaro mobile app, users can see clear and detailed graphs of historical data, pie charts showing the energy drain of each connected device, and a list of the top five energy consumers in the home as well as make changes to improve efficiency.

Wall Plug will be available in the US in Q4 2017. For more information, please visit Fibaro at CEDIA EXPO 2017 in the Z-Wave Pavilion at Booth 2620 or visit


Based in Poland and available in 100 countries, FIBARO is a leading manufacturer of residential IoT solutions, engineering innovative smart home devices. FIBARO opened its U.S. offices in 2014, taking their award-winning modern minimalist design and feature-rich platform to the growing U.S. smart home market. The FIBARO System, known as Home Center, is comprised of a hub and accessory devices using Z-Wave smart home technology. Most recently, Fibaro launched a new product line compatible with Apple HomeKit. All FIBARO products can be controlled and monitored from anywhere in the world via smart phone, tablet or computer.