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New 30-Amp enVision Diagnostic Tool Helps SurgeX Dealers Diagnose Power Problems in Large System Installations

Larger enVision unit accurately identifies common power problems in large installs, pre- or post-installation.

Knightdale, NC – August 15, 2017 – AMETEK Electronic Systems Protection, a leader in advanced power protection solutions, today announces the availability of a new 30-amp model of the enVision diagnostic tool. The new 30-amp model expands the enVision product line, a proven diagnostic intelligence system that measures, records and interprets power conditions in real time, with detailed time- and date-stamped reports.

enVision is a practical solution for multiple scenarios and provides energy data that can be used to accurately identify the source of common electrical issues, pre- or post-installation. This saves money for the consumer and time and resources for the integrators by preventing unnecessary services or repairs.

The new 30-amp enVision measures power data, which includes line-neutral voltage, neutral-ground voltage, amperage, crest factor, power factor, line frequency and energy usage. The versatile unit records the specific time and date of under/over voltages, surges, power outages, shut-offs and presents that data on-site, via the web or via downloadable reports.    

“The new 30-amp enVision model represents a natural evolution of the enVision product line,” says Rick Komendera, Sales Manager for SurgeX. “The 30-amp model enables our dealers to leverage the proven diagnostic capabilities of enVision to diagnose systems that were too large for previous models. This latest iteration of the enVision tool has been widely requested by our customers, and we’re thrilled to provide them with the solution they’ve been asking for.”

Integrators can use enVision as a pre-installation “electricity health meter” to identify and fix pre-existing power issues before any equipment is installed onsite. A clean bill of electrical health can prolong equipment lifespans and reduce the potential for power-related disruptions.

The enVision unit can be easily attached to existing installations and left onsite where the solution continually measures, analyzes and records power conditions and anomalies in real time. When used in conjunction with the SurgeX Remote Portal, recorded power conditions can be reviewed and fixed without a site visit, significantly cutting down on the amount of time dealers need to spend diagnosing the root cause of system problems.

The data collected from enVision’s onboard power line test and oscilloscope, along with time-stamped reports, provides integrators with the information they need to troubleshoot and prevent equipment disruption and downtime. An internal battery included with the enVision continues recording power condition data even in the event of a power outage.

The new 30-amp enVision (EV-20830-L630, EV-20830-630) is available now for dealers and integrators. For more information, visit

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