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Modko Presents Three Stylish Storage Products to Keep a Digital Lifestyle Organized Through Kickstarter Campaign

The multi-functional designs provide new ways to store iPhones, iPads, wallets, headphones
and other devices

Modko has released three minimal, but multi-functional organization products through a Kickstarter campaign
in hopes of raising $10,000 to support a first production run. The three products Modko designed are meant to
compliment a digital age where people use devices more every day in their homes, offices and during their
daily commutes. The three designs are titled Jack, Stash and Tuck.

“Our inspiration for this new collection was our own routines in using our digital devices,” Modko co-founder
Rich Williams said. “We couldn’t find good solutions to our organizational problems, so we decided to make

The Jack Headphone Stand is the ideal solution for a desk, nightstand, stereo cabinet or anywhere that
headphones may live. The all-in-one design solution allows one to hang headphones, organize and conceal
cords and dock phones. Its stem provides the ideal resting place for just about any set of headphones, and its
curved base embraces and conceals the messiest of cords. It has soft, adjustable rubber pegs to support a
smartphone or music player and a pass-through in the rear to guide headphone jacks out and charging cables in.
The Stash Catchall was designed for an entryway table, desk, nightstand or any convenient place that pockets
are emptied at home or in the office. The sculptural bowl is perfect for tossing loose change, while its
supportive fins hold important everyday carrying items such as a wallet, keys or notepad. Two rubber lined
niches in the fins form an ideal stand for most smartphones or mid-sized tablets to be viewed, used and charged.
A flexible pass-through in the base keeps change in and guides charging cables out.

The Tuck Device Rack is beautiful enough to compliment any modern living room or workspace, but tailored
uniquely to embrace a multitude of devices. Its sturdy chrome frame suspends a rubber sling which
accommodates laptops up to 15” and tablets of any size. Its perforated surface is perfect for weaving charging
cords, power cables and other device accessories. A repositionable pocket will grasp smartphones, small tablets,
remotes and other accessories in whatever way best suits ones needs.

The Jack and Stash are both available in orange, white, yellow or gray, while the Tuck is available in gray,
stone white or black. While the Kickstarter campaign is running the Jack is only $21, Stash is $23 and Tuck is
$85. However, a package deal is available in limited quantities where one can receive all three designs for a
campaign contribution of only $85, which is 50 percent off the eventual retail price. Modko’s Kickstarter
campaign will be live until December 4. To learn more or contribute, visit the campaign page at

Modko is a Brooklyn-based company co-founded by long-time business partners Rich Williams and Brett
Teper in 2007. Modko creates innovative products for a modern lifestyle through their passion for design and
obsession over details, driving them to make simple, smart, everyday products that look great and work even
better. Modko has been rapidly expanding the range and diversity of their line of products that began with