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Mobile Electronics Distributor Merchandising Alliance Surpasses Critical Mass

Laguna Niguel, CA:  February 11, 2015 – MED, the Mobile Electronics Distributor Merchandising Alliance has surpassed critical mass in participation commitments from 12 volt distributors in the US.  We have commitments from 9 different distributors representing coverage of 11 of the traditional 22 geographic territories. 

Launched in late December 2014 the MED is focused on strengthening trust between distributor and vendor in the 12 volt business.  Improvement in this currently rather strained thread of trust manifests in more predictable business conditions for both distributor and vendor.  Of course that ultimately benefits the retailer who at the end of the day is where profitable sell through is the true measure of performance relative to goals for vendor, distributor and retailer.  Distributors must have and can expect a more reliable supply of key products at very predictable net acquired costs.  Vendors must have and can expect a more predictable pathway to consumers for their products and services.  Retailers must have and can expect a little less chaos and a little more predictability in terms of product sources, pricing and availability.

The purpose of the distributor for both supplier and retailer is fundamentally the same; make inventory nearly immediately available to retailers in a cost effective and predictable fashion.  Of course the vendor expects the distributor to help market their brand and manage the way the brand is delivered to market.  The retailer expects the distributor to support brand sell through and consumer satisfaction with any product performance issues.  For sure, all stake holders expect to conduct their respective roles in this supply chain while achieving a sustainable profit.

MED is the independent alliance seeking to improve the business circumstances of distributors, vendors and retailers.  For more information MED Principal Ray Windsor can be reached at [email protected] or 949-228-2153