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M&K Updates Custom Install Speaker Line

New range feature frameless grilles, includes in-wall subwoofer

Brea CA – Audio Gear Group, US distributor of M&K Sound residential and professional loudspeakers, announced a complete overhaul of M&K’s built-in speaker offerings with “Mk II” upgrades to four existing full-range models and the introduction of two all-new full-range models, all to deliver to US dealers in June. The company also announced the premiere of its first in-wall subwoofer with companion amplifier, slated for August availability. All of the products feature frameless flush grilles to make the speakers barely visible. 

The updated full range models IW-5MKII (4” 2-way, $599 ea.), IW-85MKII  (5-1/4” 2-way, $699 ea.), IW-95MKII (6.5” 2-way, $799 ea.) retain their premium acoustic designs and exceptional sound quality but now feature frameless flush grilles.  The IW-5MKII ships with both rectangular and round grilles, making it perfect for in-ceiling Dolby Atmos or DTS-X applications, or in-wall installation. Integrators only need to stock one model to cover both applications.

The updated IW-150MKII also gets the new “stealth” grille design and adds an integrated sealed back box to ensure perfect high performance sound regardless of the wall into which it is installed. The IW150MKII (2x 5-1/4”, 3 x 1”, $1499 ea.) is the in-wall equivalent of the M&K S-150MKII freestanding professional speaker used on a daily basis as the preferred monitoring tool in hundreds of professional film and music recording studios around the world and in thousands of home entertainment systems.

The all-new IW-300 (driver complement: 2x 6-1/2”, 3 x 1”,  $3199 ea.) and IW-950 (driver complement: 2x 5-1/4”, 1”, $899 ea.) both feature integrated sealed enclosures. The IW-300 is the in-wall equivalent of M&K’s flagship freestanding professional monitor, the S300. Its double woofer, triple tweeter line source design ensures ideal dispersion in all planes for precise, three-dimensional imaging.  It is the finest full-range built-in loudspeaker system available today.

M&K invented the powered subwoofer in 1977 and now brings its four decades of subwoofer experience and insight to the built-in subwoofer category with the new IW-28s in-wall subwoofer (driver complement: 2 x 8”, $899) and companion external power amplifier the Class D VR500A (500W, $1099).  The IW-28s’ twin 8-inch drivers are in mechanical contact with both the front and rear enclosure panels to minimize driver and panel resonance for deep, tight, impactful bass.  

“With the existing model updates and new SKUs added to M&K’s built-in line we now have all the tools to address the needs of custom integrators and homeowners who seek the very highest audio performance for distributed audio and home cinema applications,” said Audio Gear Group president Dave Chai. “The IW-5MKII is especially helpful for Dolby Atmos systems. The IW28s subwoofer and flagship IW-300 full range speaker make built-in home cinema systems with M&K studio-quality performance a reality.”

The back- box-equipped models, IW-300, IW-150MKII, IW-950 and IW-28s, employ polyurethane lacquer-coated ¾” MDF enclosure panels. Damping pads on the rear panel eliminate vibration when in direct contact with the wall in shallow installations. All mounting hardware is pre-fitted to the box, including metal clamps to fix speaker wire in the pre-cut cable groove on the rear of the box. Gold-plated push-on terminals allow easy cable connection without the use of tools. Torx mounting screws with special washers are used for smooth mounting along with a practical, efficient, self-tightening dog-ear clamp system for a perfect seal between baffle and wall.

All of the M&K Sound’s built-in models feature solid steel font baffles to mass-load and reinforce the wall material and eliminate the rattle, buzz and performance robbing baffle resonance of typical plastic frame built-in speakers. M&K IW series speakers maintain the sonic integrity that has made M&K Sound a legend for over four decades. M&K Sound employs the exact same drivers and crossover technologies found in our acclaimed professional and consumer reference monitors to deliver consistent sound coverage throughout the room for superior imaging in stereo and surround, even when the speakers are fitted in the ceiling.

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About Audio Gear Group

Based in Southern California, Audio Gear Group was founded in 2003 as online merchant Outdoor Speaker Depot. The company’s initial line of outdoor rock speakers immediately gained attention from consumers who were astounded by the sound quality and reasonable price. OSD Audio eventually expanded the line to include in-wall and ceiling speakers, amplifiers, speaker selectors and more. OSD added the Black by Optimal Speaker Design brand to its family of companies in 2015 to address the needs of upscale custom installation consumers and integrators with premium quality speakers and components. In 2016 the company was awarded the US distribution rights for M&K Sound ultra-high performance loudspeakers. At that time OSD president Dave Chai formed Audio Gear Group to manage the growing portfolio of brands.

For further information, visit the company’s web site at Media inquiries should be directed to Paul DiComo; CE Marketing Pros, (410) 458-3176, [email protected]

About M&K Sound

Headquarted in Denmark, M&K Sound loudspeakers have enjoyed an unchallenged reputation as the world’s finest, delivering the highest levels of performance to both consumers and professionals. M&K Sound professional monitoring systems have rapidly become the standard for stereo and multi-channel production of both music and film.