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MIT Cables Develops First Ever Battery Powered Class AB Headphone Amp with Multipole Technology Inside

September 30, 2015-Rocklin, CA – MIT Cables continues moving into the more popular personal audio and headphone market with its newest product, the HC/AB-29 Headphone Amplifier, the worlds first high current, battery powered Class AB headphone amp housed with MIT’s Multipole™ Technology featuring twenty-nine poles of articulation.

Until now, MIT’s Multipole™ Technology has only been housed within the little boxes found in MIT Cable’s award winning products. For the first time ever, MIT is now putting this technology inside of an amplifier. The HC/AB-29 Headphone Amp will make its debut at this year’s Rocky Mountain Audio Fest happening October 2nd through 4th in Denver, Colorado.

MIT Cables recently concluded their first crowdfunding project for the Vero Headphone Cable, making it the first product MIT Cables developed for personal and portable audio in its thirty-one year history. The project reached over 680% of their $10,000 goal, raising over $85,000. Vero has been shipping worldwide since mid-September, and is now available for purchase online through the MIT Buyers Club and will be available in a higher reference version for dealers and distributors before the end of the year.

With the success of Vero, Founder and President of MIT Cables, Bruce Brisson began research and development into other products that fit into a more modern audio listening lifestyle. The HC/AB-29 Headphone Amp is MIT Cable’s latest product with MIT’s Multipole™ Technology inside, designed with the help of Aaron Reiff, former Chief Engineer at Lucasfilm’s Skywalker Sound and former audio engineer at Capitol Studios in the Hollywood Capitol Records building.

Reiff and Brisson began working together in the 1990’s installing a ‘looping and ADR’ room in the Technical Building at Skywalker Sound, and together worked on the renovation of Lucasfilm’s Stag Theater, also known as THX Theater #1. “There was only one guy who I knew would put as much passion and attention to detail on this project as I would.” says Brisson. “Aaron has a true passion for sound quality.”

The work that Brisson and Reiff accomplished together for Skywalker Sound was an important part of raising the bar in motion picture post-production, and was responsible for the sound of such epic films as Titanic, Saving Private Ryan, Contact and many more. These films were rewarded for obtaining a clarity in sound that was previously unattainable. 

“Our pursuit of the purist audio is an important thing that Bruce and I have in common”, says Reiff. “The fact that we trust each other’s ears is an important part of working together.”

MIT Cables will continue to research and develop more products that will establish Vero as the brand for their personal and portable audio division. With the addition of the HC/AB-29 Headphone Amp to the Vero line, MIT Cables will continue to position themselves as a solid contender in the development and production of personal audio components.

“For thirty years, MIT has dedicated itself to making the best interfacing products in the world at the greatest return on investment.” says Kent Loughlin, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for MIT Cables. “We are very excited about the progress we have made in the development of our personal audio line, and see amazing growth in this division in the coming years. We will continue to honor the technology of MIT products which make them so unique to the market.”