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M.E.S.A. to Launch MESA Mat with AAMP of America

Arvada, Colo. — 
July 8, 2015

The board and Executive Director of Mobile Electronics Specialists of America announced today that they are set to launch M.E.S.A. Mat: an exclusive, M.E.S.A. branded, full line of premium sound damping product.  The product will be developed in partnership with M.E.S.A. Vendor Partner, AAMP of America.

“We couldn’t be more excited to be working with AAMP on our latest M.E.S.A. product line,” said Ryan Gunter, Executive Director of M.E.S.A. “Delivering this full line of top quality and exclusive sound damping product to our Members will further the group’s success in this profitable accessory category. While other brands of sound damping product are subject to Internet pressures and distribution beyond the retailer’s control, M.E.S.A. Mat will only be available to M.E.S.A Members.”

We are extremely excited about expanding the partnership with the M.E.S.A. group of retailers to include our line of industry leading sound damping products,” said Herb Brown, Vice President of Sales for AAAMP of America. “With more than two decades of experience in this channel, our offering provides M.E.S.A. retailers a profitable and quality addition to any installation. The caliber and commitment of the M.E.S.A. retailers supported by the AAMP business model all make this an exciting and synergistic” relationship.”

More information will be available throughout the product development process.  Product is expected to ship to M.E.S.A. Members this September

M.E.S.A. is the industry’s first and only Member-owned retailer marketing and selling group. Retailers meeting the criteria for membership and vendors, whose business practices support the independent channel of distribution, make up the backbone of the Group. Retail Members and Vendor Partners are those who have demonstrated the highest level of business principals and acumen. Retail Members are comprised of dealers representing the finest installation available to consumers and many are winners of multiple industry awards every year.