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Meet the Musician Behind Revolutionary Drum Machine That is Breaking Crowd-Funding Records

MIAMI, Nov. 18, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — Goran Rista, Miami-based session drummer, music producer, audio engineer and founder of GoranGrooves, is the sole content producer of the drum sets and beats powering BeatBuddy, the world’s first drum machine in a pedal format.

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The crowd-funded IndieGoGo campaign for BeatBuddy broke records in the music equipment category when it closed in February after raising nearly $350,000. BeatBuddy is a compact, yet very powerful unit that allows musicians to trigger Rista’s rock-solid, studio-quality drum beats and fills at the press of a pedal, anytime, anywhere. More than 5,000 enthusiastic musicians have already purchased BeatBuddy and have been raving on the product’s Facebook page.

The stock BeatBuddy pedal includes a total of 200 songs covering more than 20 musical styles. Each unit ships with 10 immaculately recorded drum sets (acoustic, electronic and voice) as well as a wide range of percussion instruments. Users can also purchase additional beats and sounds to customize their pedals to suit their own unique musical needs.

“What makes this drum machine different than others is that the beats have been played in by a drummer as opposed to being programmed. So, the beats have a much more natural feel and sound than other machines,” explained Rista.

Rista collaborated on BeatBuddy with inventor David Pakouz, the CEO of Singular Sound, who approached him about the project nearly four years ago.

Rista recalls, “When David first emailed me about creating content for a drum machine, I was ready to decline as I am not a fan of drum machines, being a drummer. But, when he told me that it was going to be in the form of a guitar pedal, I thought that it was a unique and very cool idea.”

“We are making a groovier world!” says Packouz. “This pedal will help countless musicians around the world strengthen their rhythm skills. It is so much more fun playing with a drum beat than playing by yourself.”

The impressive selection of drum sets and beats currently included with each pedal is only the beginning. Rista is already hard at work recording, producing and editing additional drum sets and beats at the Grooves Recording Studio. This additional content will be available for purchase through the BeatBuddy online store, which is expected to launch by the end of 2014.

About Goran Rista

Rista is a Serbian-born, New Zealand immigrant and a US Citizen who has traveled the world playing drums with international acts. Several years ago he settled in Miami and began recording drum tracks, producing and mixing music for independent artists all over the world through his online-based service His hand-picked team of session musicians, arrangers and producers help fulfill all of the essential tasks related to music production. Rista’s drumming can be heard on hundreds of recordings worldwide, spanning a wide range of music genres and styles.

To hire Rista to record acoustic drums for your music project or to download “101 Useful Drum Beats,” free audio drum loops by Goran Rista, visit

If you want to learn more about the process of creating the “the best-sounding drum machine ever,” the man behind the beats, and his upcoming projects, please contact:


Contact: Goran Rista, 768-486-9288, Email

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