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Laguna Niguel, CA  August 4, 2015:  Today the Mobile Electronics Distributors Merchandising Alliance announced several changes in their business structure, starting with the change of the name from MED to Elite Distributor Alliance (EDA).  The new name, according to all of the members involved, better represents the broader business activities of the distributor members.  In addition the Elite Distributor Alliance is a member owned LLC.  Each member will invest in his ownership of the EDA and pay annual dues thereafter.  According to Ray Windsor, “This set of business conditions will allow the EDA to more effectively set about its goal of bringing value and improved organization to the mobile electronics supply chain.  It will help add Profit, Identity and Predictability, the three most important elements of a business to all supply chain participants”.    

The EDA became incorporated on Wednesday July 28, 2015 as an LLC in the state of Delaware.  Josh Eatherly of P & E Distributors in Goodlettsville TN said, “The immediate tasks now include identifying and inviting vendors to participate with the EDA, approving by-laws and mission statement details and electing officers”.  The EDA equity ownership includes, Advanced Marketing & Distribution in S. CA; Custom Plus Distributing in N. CA, OR, WA; Mountain West Distributors in MT, ID, WY, UT, CO, AZ, NM; Pioneer Music Distribution in NE, IA, KS, MO; Sunbelt Distributors in TX, OK, LA, AR; P & E Distributors in TN, MS, AL, GA; Ultimate Marketing in NC, SC, FL; MRIPremium Distributor, ME, NH, VT, CT, MA, RI, Upstate NY; AM Distributors in N. IL, E. WI.  That covers about 70% of the US BPI.  The EDA is expecting to add at least one more equity member in the next 30 days.

A number of the EDA Charter Members have indicated that they have each been queried by vendors as to the progress in forming the group.  Many of those vendors have expressed interest in learning more details about how they can be involved.  Michael Durand of Ultimate Marketing indicated that the EDA will have vendor information kits available in the next few days.  He encourages interested vendors to contact Ray Windsor at the number and/or e-mail below.  The EDA also has a few territories open for new equity distributor members.  Bob Oliver from Custom Plus suggested, “The equity membership investment and later annual dues along with the vendor participation fees have not changed.  In fact they are more than reasonable given the benefits delivered by the Elite Distributor Alliance.”

Never shy Dan Haight from Pioneer Music offered, “This took a little longer than I expected but at least we are off to the races now, with a solid mechanism for business improvement”.  Bob Dean of MRI echoed the claims from all of the members that, “Not only will the EDA be a business improvement catalyst for our equity members but we expect the vendor participants will realize a strong value add and improvement in the predictable and on purpose growth of their business and market share.  The collateral benefits to our collective retailer customers will be more predictability in product availability and margins”.  

The EDA members are set to have a group meeting at CES 2016 which will include vendor participants.  In addition to that meeting the EDA members suggested there will be a number of discussions with potential vendor invitees and probably a prospective distributor or two to join the EDA as equal equity members. 

About the Elite Distributor Alliance.  The EDA is a member owned LLC focused on bringing more order and predictability to the business of two step distribution in the mobile electronics and related product categories.  For more information contact executive director Ray Windsor at 949-228-2153 or [email protected].