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Make Any Solo or Group Shot Picture Perfect with the New Selfie Stick from PureGear

Irwindale, CA- April 23, 2015: PureGear is excited to announce its first ever Selfie Stick. The light weight Selfie Stick is a foldable monopod the can be easily stashed in any purse or luggage cases. Whenever a photo worth moment presents itself, simply extend the collapsible Selfie Stick anywhere between 7.8 inches to 2.8 feet. The Selflie Stick is compatible with both iOS and Android as it fits any device between 2.1 and 3.3 inches wide.

Selfie Stick was designed with a built-in 270° tilting phone clip for capturing breath taking panoramic shots. Selfie Stick is equipped with Bluetooth one-button operation for simple selfie snapping. The built-in rechargeable battery comes with its own cable so Selfie Stick can be easily juiced up at a moment’s notice.  

Selfie Stick is currently available in black/white for $29.99 on

Download images HERE.


At PureGear, we believe that wireless technology should simplify your life, not weigh it down. This is why we design reliable mobile device accessories that complement today’s demanding, on-the-go lifestyles. Our products are designed with added features and benefits that make sense – for work or play. We’re also committed to providing you with premium quality at an affordable price. After all,we understand that devices change faster than your kids’ favorite toys, the latest diet fads…possibly even the stock market. With this in mind, it is our goal at PureGear to simply enrich your everyday mobile life experiences while respecting your wallet and our world.


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