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Libratone Inc. Introduces DIVA, a Slim-line Soundbar with Full-bodied Sound

FRAMINGHAM, Mass., Oct. 15, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — Libratone Inc., the fast growing and award-winning Danish-based wireless speaker company, signals a new direction in the market for TV soundbars with the launch of the Libratone DIVA. Libratone’s latest offering brings soft, curved forms to the male-dominated category. As its name implies, DIVA is strong on performance, delivering potent, high quality sound. Libratone DIVA enables full appreciation of artistic excellence to all users’ musical and entertainment preferences.

Big Audio Gets a New Aesthetic

In contrast to the traditional rectangular black soundbar, Libratone DIVA has a softer form factor with attractive organic shapes. “There is no reason why big audio shouldn’t also be aesthetically pleasing. With this in mind we set out to develop a high quality speaker with unisex appeal that would complement modern interior design,” said Libratone COO, Jan McNair, “Despite its sleek design and relatively small footprint, Libratone DIVA is very powerful. Packed with high quality components and 200W digital amplification, it easily fills a large room with great sound.”

Combined Sound Bar and Audio System

Libratone DIVA is a combined TV soundbar and wireless music system, which is easy to control with a TV remote via IR Learning. The Libratone App allows users to choose voicing settings that will bring TV programs and movies to life while an optical input ensures flawless digital sound transmission.

Libratone DIVA is always ready to take center stage in any environment. Thanks to AirPlay®* and DLNA®** technology, users can stream music from their wireless devices via a Wi-Fi network or stream directly to DIVA using Bluetooth® 4.0*** in APT-X CD-quality. Spotify Connect**** and HTC Connect***** allow for seamless product streaming experiences, and Near Field Communication (NFC) makes Bluetooth® pairing and setup a breeze. DIVA’s powerful built-in subwoofer eliminates the need for a separate subwoofer.

“Our latest innovation was inspired by the desire to place the control and freedom of streaming into the users’ hands. We considered all of the factors that make a listening experience unique and we incorporated these elements into our new soundbar. DIVA stays true to Libratone’s traditional Scandinavian design heritage, while taking the user experience to the next level by providing multiple options for wireless listening,” Said Libratone Inc. CEO, Gregg Stein.

Inspired by nature

In order to create Libratone’s signature 360-degree FullRoom™ sound, Libratone DIVA features built-in sound reflectors shaped like clamshells. Libratone’s CTO Jes Mosgaard explains, “Soundbars are typically placed under the TV set, but we wanted to raise and spread the sound to match the height of the image. To create this effect, we took our lead from the Danish Sydney Opera Architect, Jorn Utzon, and looked for inspiration in nature. The sound reflectors’ clamshell form disperses and lifts the sound waves in multiple directions, giving you a rich 360 degree sound profile that fills a room.”

Sleek design – powerful performance

Libratone DIVA is equipped with state-of-the-art speaker technology offering a total effect of 200W: 1x75W bass, 2x50W midrange, 2x25W tweeters. Drivers are 1×5″ bass, 2×3″ midrange and 2×1″ ribbon based tweeters. H: 15.8 cm (6.2″) W: 98.8 cm (39″) D: 10.0 cm (4″) Weight: 5.5 kg (12.1 lbs).

Coming to American Retail this December

The Libratone DIVA will be available for purchase in Libratone’s signature Pepper Black wool cover in early December. Extra covers will be sold separately in a range of colors to suit all tastes and complement any home decor. Preliminary pricing for DIVA will start at $899.95******, and can be purchased through authorized Libratone retailers, online shops and

The box contains the DIVA speaker, a wall mount, a power cord and a quick start guide. Users can download the free Libratone App to help customize their DIVA’s FullRoom™ performance.

Also available in the Libratone family of wireless speakers is Libratone ZIPP, a portable, battery-driven speaker that goes where you go; LibratoneLOOP, a versatile speaker for walls and shelves; and Libratone LIVE, a powerful sound system that fills even large rooms with great sound.

About Libratone Inc.

Libratone is a global wireless speaker company that marries beautiful design with exceptional sound in its lineup of easy-to-use, beautifully crafted products. With a mission to free consumers from the traditionally clunky black boxes and compromised audio quality that dominates the speaker market today, Libratone offers a range of products including in-home soundbars, smaller units for multi-room use, and a fully portable battery-powered version. Draped in a variety of vibrantly colored Italian wool sleeves, Libratone’s speakers are designed to integrate flawlessly with modern home decor. Headquartered globally in Copenhagen, Denmark, and with U.S. headquarters just outside Boston, Libratone is dedicated to delivering freedom and purity of sound through their speakers since 2009.

*Airplay® is a registered trademark of Apple Inc.

**DLNA® is a registered trademark of Digital Living Network Alliance

***Bluetooth® is a registered trademark of Bluetooth SIG, Inc.

****Spotify Connect is the registered trademark of the Spotify Group

***** HTC Connect is a registered trademark of HTC Corporation

******Pricing subject to change

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