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Just Add Power Makes a Hole in One at Renovated Montecito Club in Santa Barbara

Central Coast Audio Visual Relies on Ultra HD Over IP Platform to Provide Cost-Effective, Reliable Video Distribution

LARGO, Fla. — Dec. 10, 2019 — Just Add Power (J+P), a leader in Ultra HD over IP video distribution, announced that its system has been installed at the Montecito Club in Santa Barbara, California, which recently reopened after a three-and-a-half-year, $75 million renovation. Tasked with bringing the 101-year-old private golf and social club into the 21st century, integrator Central Coast Audio Visual relied on J+P’s solutions to distribute video content cost-effectively and reliably to a variety of displays and projectors scattered across the massive property.

“We explored using another solution at the Montecito Club, but only the Just Add Power platform offered such exceptional performance and reliability at a fair price point,” said Chris Wilson, president of Central Coast Audio Visual. “In addition, Just Add Power offered one more critical advantage to this installation: simple scalability. During construction, the scope of the project continued to expand, and without being limited to a specific source or display count, we were able to accommodate that growth easily.”

Montecito’s system offers ultra-low 16 ms of latency from source to screen and supports 4K Ultra HD resolutions and HDMI 2.0 devices with HDCP 2.2. The platform enables seamless switching between any resolution HDMI source as well as uncompressed lossless multichannel audio formats, including Dolby Atmos. Video wall functionality is built-in for displays installed in portrait and flipped configurations, as well as image push, pull, and pop features. An integrated scaler on the receiver automatically adjusts the picture to fit the screen.

Each of the Montecito Club’s 22 video sources — DirecTV receivers for live sports and other content, two shared Apple TVs for streaming movies, and a digital signage PC to promote member events and provide leaderboards for ongoing golf tournaments — is equipped with J+P’s VBS-HDIP-718AVP 3G+ A/V Pro transmitter, while VBS-HDIP-508 PoE receivers are attached to the club’s displays and projectors. The Ultra HD Over IP platform is engineered to provide complete scalability, so expanding the system with an additional screen or source is as simple as adding another receiver or transmitter.

“The revamped Montecito Club is an amazing facility with a number of high-tech highlights — from the video wall in the men’s lounge to the theater in the members’ lawn,” said Taft Stricklin, sales team manager at J+P. “Distributing video from so many sources to 18 displays located across such a large property is no small feat, but the J+P platform has come through with flying colors to deliver the performance and reliability the club expects. The system has performed flawlessly since its deployment, and its scalability will allow Central Coast Audio Visual to accommodate future growth easily, whether it’s with more displays or additional sources.”

Information about Central Coast Audio Visual is available at More information about J+P and its products is available at

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About Just Add Power
Just Add Power (J+P) was founded in 1992 by a group of former employees from the IBM Corporation. The motivation behind the company and the name was to come to the market with applications that totally support customers, their investment, and are easy to use. With the 2009 introduction of the HDIP™ solution for distributing HDMI® over IP networks, the company has become well known across many new markets.

The J+P design and manufacturing philosophy is evolutionary, not revolutionary. For example, customers who invested in our solution in 2009 can still purchase new transmitters and receivers today to expand and maintain their system. J+P takes pride in having created an infrastructure that can be sustained and manufactured reliably for many years, making improvements through free firmware updates. When the company adds features that can’t be done through firmware alone, it builds new hardware with an eye toward backwards compatibility. The J+P evolutionary product design philosophy ensures the protection of the customers’ investment, and increases system value over time.

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