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Just Add Power Delivers New Fan Experience at Cincinnati Reds’ Great American Ball Park

Just Add Power’s Ultra HD Over IP System Provides a Limitless 1080p up to 4K HDMI Matrix to Meet the Stadium’s Range of Video Distribution Needs

LARGO, Fla.April 25, 2018 Just Add Power (J+P), the leader in Ultra HD over IP, announced that its modular Ultra HD over IP video distribution system was selected and successfully installed at the Cincinnati Reds’ Great American Ball Park. Charged with designing and implementing a visual system that would put the stadium on the cutting edge, technology solutions integrator Nor-Com outfitted the ballpark with J+P’s state-of-the-art video distribution system, allowing the Ball Park to distribute HD video to a range of sources throughout the venue.

“J+P easily solves modern distribution challenges by providing modular system that can be scaled as needed,” said Gary Snyder, technical resource manager for Nor-Com. “For the Reds, it offered us incredible versatility that was essential to fulfilling the organization’s vision. Across the Ball Park, we were able to put in a new bar or install a guest experience as their vision took shape, drop in 60 displays, and send protected HD content to any one of those displays — with a snap of a finger.”

J+P’s intelligent, robust, and cost-effective Ultra HD Over IP platform has kept pace with the Cincinnati Reds’ ongoing upgrades and video distribution requirements. When Nor-Com began implementing J+P’s IP-based system five years ago, it quickly became the platform of choice as it progressed through the extensive upgrades around the stadium. As a result, new rich video spaces continue to be brought online and updated for a seamless video experience that can be commanded with ease.

Most recently, Nor-Com used J+P’s 2G and 3G transmitters and receivers within the newly redesigned Scouts Club, Champions Club, HandleBar, and the Reds Connect Zone for the 2017 Opening Day. Each of these four spaces offer a unique visual experience. Using J+P’s Ultra HD over IP devices, the baseball team can distribute limitless sources throughout the facility, including HD tuners for the game feed, Blu-ray players, the scoreboard feed, laptop and PC inputs for presentation and digital signage, digital signage boxes, social media feeds, and a press feed.

In each space, users can control and switch any source effortlessly from an iPad. J+P’s platform can easily be programmed within the organization’s control environments. Because of the simplicity of the system, training is minimal. Using the iPad, it’s intuitive to put every display in pre-game mode or send specific sources to one or all displays in the room. This capability brings the technology to the forefront of the fan experience while minimizing system management and issues.

“Sports venues today are challenged with entertaining fans in and out of their seats and staying on the cutting edge,” said Taft Stricklin, sales team manager at J+P. “The Reds are a perfect example of why we design our Ultra over IP system the way we do. With our modular approach to video distribution, the team was able to cost effectively build upon its existing infrastructure and keep pace with evolving video content requirements and standards that allow them to stand out from the crowd.”

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About Just Add Power

Just Add Power (J+P) was founded in 1992 by a group of former employees from the IBM Corporation. The motivation behind the company and the name was to come to the market with applications that totally support customers, their investment, and are easy to use. With the 2009 introduction of the HDIP™ solution for distributing HDMI over IP networks, the company has become well known across many new markets.

The J+P design and manufacturing philosophy is evolutionary, not revolutionary. For example, customers who invested in our solution in 2009 can still purchase new transmitters and receivers today to expand and maintain their system. J+P takes pride in having created an infrastructure that can be sustained and manufactured reliably for many years, making improvements through free firmware updates. When the company adds features that can’t be done through firmware alone, it builds new hardware with an eye towards backwards compatibility. The J+P evolutionary product design philosophy ensures the protection of the customers’ investment and increases system value over time.

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