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Introducing Make a 1000-year Copy of Your Photos and Videos

November 2, 2016 – American Fork, today announced the launch of a new service that makes a permanent physical copy of photos and videos stored in the cloud.  The offering automates the secure backup of data stored on Instagram, Flickr, Google Photos, Dropbox, Facebook and Google Drive. Each month, burns your data to an MDISC, an archive-grade optical media disc that boasts a 1000-year shelf life. then sends the discs to either a home address or secure storage facility to ensure that data is and remains yours. The company further offers a $10,000 guarantee to vault subscribers that photos and videos burns to discs will remain accessible to them throughout their lifetimes.

The challenge many face is to find a reliable and long-term way to archive important personal data. Backing up photos and videos is not only time consuming and complex but is also limiting as data on flash or external hard drives have limited shelf-lives. And while cloud storage services are convenient and a great way to sync data across devices, most cloud companies do not take responsibility for data security and loss.  The current paradigm is temporary as options for personal backup and data archiving are limited and offer no guarantees.

“The typical consumer has literally thousands of pictures or videos stored on various electronic storage devices and cloud services. And yet, most don’t understand the limitations of these storage media that make data loss a real possibility. The pictures of your wedding, last year’s vacation or that video of your child’s first steps are irreplaceable. Losing any of them would be tragic. Yet people lose photos and videos all the time – and don’t know it,” said Paul Brockbank, CEO,

How works is an easy, secure and automated solution to create archive copies of your files located on various cloud services. Setting up a monthly service plan is simple. Customers can register by providing an email address. Users can then choose cloud accounts from which they wish to securely archive their photos and videos. During checkout, one can select either a monthly plan for $8 or an annual plan for $89.

As part of the subscription, a user can choose to either to have discs sent directly to a home address or a secure storage vault. The modern vault carved into the mountain is so secure, it can even withstand a nuclear attack. The vault also offers automated stack and retrieve storage of your discs, so when a customer needs to access files, simply retrieves the disc and sends it in the mail for a nominal fee. For an additional $60 per year, customers can have a copy sent both to a home address and the vault. From upload to delivery of the discs to the selected location, your data will remain completely secure and private. For vault customers, is so confident in its technology that it’s is even willing to offer a unique, $10,000 guarantee that the files it burns to MDISCS will remain accessible to you throughout your lifetime. solves a huge problem. If you want to make a permanent copy of your most important memories, it’s incredibly hard to do yourself. We designed Yours to be easy to use and automatic—something you can set up in just a matter of clicks.” Justin Whittaker, executive vice president Product,

An archive that can last longer than 10 lifetimes can boast longer archival capabilities than nearly any other product on the market thanks to its patented MDISC technology, the leading archive-grade optical media disc. Compared with other optical media where data is stored in an organic dye layer that degrades over time, MDISC’s method is to etch data like your photos and videos into a rock-like layer that is immune to data rot. The beauty of an MDISC from is that the discs are so robust, they’ll still be around for generations to come. Also, an MDISC can be read in nearly any Blu-ray reader and can hold up to 100GB of photos and video on one disc. The technology is so reliable, it’s used by The White House, NASA, and The Department of Defense.

Anyone can start today to create a permanent archive of the photos and videos that matter most to them by registering at

About is an online service that creates permanent physical copy of photos and videos stored on sites like Instagram, Flickr, Google Photos, Dropbox, Facebook and Google Drive. The automated monthly service securely backs up data to MDISCs, a patented archive-grade optical media disc that boasts up to 1000-year shelf life. then sends the discs to a home address or secure storage facility to ensure that photos and videos are and remain yours. Launched in October 2016,, formerly Millenniata, is headquartered on the Silicon Slopes in American Fork, Utah.