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Indy Audio Labs partners with southern California rep firm ByDesign Vision & Sound Marketing, Inc.

Indianapolis, IN – July 14, 2017 – Indy Audio Labs, market-leader in immersive home cinema processing and amplification, and owners of the high-performance, USA-designed-and-manufactured audio brands Acurus and Aragon, announced hiring ByDesign as its new manufacturer’s representative firm for southern California, Arizona, Nevada, and Hawaii.  ByDesign is based out of Long Beach, California and serves professional AV retailers and installers with some of the very best AV brands and solutions available anywhere.

Joaquin Rivera, president of ByDesign, says, “For ByDesign, it was critical to create a partnership with a company that could provide us with a 3D audio processor.  It was a missing piece in our puzzle. Our goal is to continuously provide our business partners with a complete solution. We use CinemaTech for the theater, design and seating, Barco for the projector, Stewart Filmscreen for the screen, and Pro Audio for the speakers, but we needed amplifiers and 3D audio processors. The brand not only had to be high end but well priced, dependable, profitable and overall, it is important for it to be USA-made. We found ourselves specifying Acurus ACT 4 from Indy Audio Labs on our projects, so we did our research and found that it was exactly what we needed to complete our solution package. We now have a complete performance driven, long lasting, supportive and profitable system. With ACT 4 13.3 HD audio pre-amp processor and Scorpion multizone amp, ByDesign VSM and our business partners will do very well.”

Indy Audio Labs launched its Acurus ACT 4 13.3 immersive pre-amp processor featuring Dolby Atmos and DTS:X codecs in late 2016. The industry-acclaimed ACT 4, currently priced at $9,500 US MSRP, is the only USA-designed and manufactured high-performance pre-amp processor on the market.  It provides both installers and homeowners with a high-end immersive cinema experience that breaks through the inherent limitations of AVRs and other separate pre-amp processors.

According to Rick Santiago, Indy Audio Labs CEO, “IAL is thrilled to have Joaquin, Benito, and the rest of their team join us.  They are well-regarded by their customers and bring extensive experience representing the best brands in the industry.  Bringing ByDesign on board is a game-changer for us.  Our Acurus and Aragon products are a perfect match for their customers’ applications.  We’re excited to start working with ByDesign in this very important market.”


about Indy Audio Labs: Indy Audio Labs is an international leader in audio electronics design and manufacturing and is owner of the revered high-performance brands Aragon and Acurus. Indy Audio Labs maintains its headquarters in Indianapolis, Indiana and sells its products in both the USA and internationally.

Deirdre Moore, Director of Marketing & Communications
phone: 317-504-4549
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