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Indy Audio Labs Announces    Savvy Sales & Marketing as New Manufacturer’s Representative

Savvy Sales to rep Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska, and southern Illinois

Indianapolis, IN – March 4, 2019 – Indy Audio Labs, owner of high-performance AV brands Acurus and Aragon and market leader in immersive home cinema processing and amplification, announce Savvy Sales & Marketing as its new manufacturer’s representative for Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska, and southern Illinois. Based in Merriam, Kansas, Savvy Sales & Marketing works with manufacturers, service providers, distributors, specialty retail operators and integrators to formulate strategies and solutions for staying in front of industry and market-changing events and products.

By successfully addressing needs and demand and identifying efficiencies and opportunities in the specialty consumer electronics marketplace, Savvy contributes to the profitability and growth of all its business partners. Savvy Sales & Marketing President, Shawn Nanney, says, “Savvy is proud to announce our partnership with Indy Audio Labs. We are excited to represent their premium USA-engineered, designed and built consumer audio/video products, Aragon and Acurus. At Savvy Sales and Marketing, we continue to focus on the luxury audio/video experience in the home, and believe the sophisticated and elegant designs of Indy Audio Labs’ products bring this premium experience to the value/quality experience driven customer.”

According to Sheldon Combs, VP of International and Western U.S. Sales for IAL, “We are very happy that Savvy Sales & Marketing will represent Acurus and Aragon in Missouri, Iowa, Nebraska, Kansas and southern Illinois. Their brand portfolio is a perfect match with our brands. We share many of the same retail partners with these brands around the world. The professionalism and knowledge of the team at Savvy enables us to provide the best possible service to our customers.”

Indy Audio Labs’ superior engineering is reflected in the highly-rated Acurus and Aragon brands of immersive processors, preamplifiers, and amplifiers and is characterized by high performance, authenticity of reproduction, modern aesthetics, intuitive operation, and rock-solid design and construction from the USA.


About Indy Audio Labs: Headquartered in Indianapolis, IN, high-performance A/V brands Acurus and Aragon are owned by Indy Audio Labs, an international leader in audio electronics design and manufacturing. IAL produces all its components in the USA using custom fabricated parts and assemblies based on its proprietary electronics, mechanical, and software designs.

Sales contact, international & western US: [email protected] phone: 317-485-7088

Sales contact, eastern US: [email protected] phone: 317-603-9266

Savvy Sales & Marketing, LLC: [email protected] phone: 913-484-3121