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Retro-futuristic AiRadio from Voiz—Perfect for Listening to Streaming Radio

Cranford, NJ—May 2019—As on-demand streaming music services continue to grow, consumers are looking for quality sound options to enjoy every nuance of their music choices. Voiz, a New Jersey based company, will soon launch its exciting Amazon Alexa enabled AiRadio designed to deliver impressive audiophile sound quality voiced by Boston based Andover Audio’s experienced acousticians, in a compact, sustainable bamboo cabinet that fits into any living environment.

The Voiz AiRadio line is comprised of three models that will debut to the public during the third quarter of 2019. Prior to the introduction, Voiz will kick off a crowdfunding campaign in June via Indiegogo where consumers can purchase the AiRadio Duo VR-80 for $194 (41% off of retail). The company hopes to raise $60,000 to cover development costs to produce products that are superior and without compromise. According to CEO Hiro Ogura, “We are planning to create our own proprietary AI platform dedicated to delivering the finest in entertainment products and crowdfunding is paramount for us to continue our R&D.”

To sign up for the pre-launch visit:

About Voiz

Voiz was founded in 2018 by entrepreneur Hiro Ogura who will hold the position of CEO.

Ogura immigrated to the United States in 1985 with $100 in his pocket, a dream and a vision to someday produce high-quality products. Never giving up on his dream, he went on to study design which led him to work developing and designing products for such brands as Emerson Radio, Aurora Impex, Kaito, Datexx and Onkyo.

As a young boy, Ogura loved to build radios from scratch using different vessels from a local junkyard. Thirty-four years later, his dream is coming to fruition with Voiz AiRadio, which combines advanced artificial intelligence technology and the craftsmanship of fine quality bamboo cabinet making.