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The End Result Show Wrap Up

Pittsburgh, PA—May 21, 2019—Consumer electronics rep firm End Result, of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, has confirmed that its 17th electronics expo for home A/V and 12-volt retailers was a resounding success. Held on May 15-16, in Washington, PA the event brought in 144 people from 48 dealers from Ohio, West Virginia, and Pennsylvania.

The two-day Survive—Revive—Thriveevent offered dealers who didn’t attend CES, a preview of the latest products from 22 brands from 18 exhibitors, educational & business seminars, manufacturers’ training sessions, and an opportunity to have some fun and network with one another.

Ed Dalesandro, Principal of End Result, said, “I would like to sincerely thank everyone involved with this show. The quality of the presentation on the floor that our exhibitors made, the substance that we taught in classes and the pure enjoyment we gave by mingling everyone together was infectious. We also added new categories of shades and home lighting for our dealers. Now we need to turn it into business!”

Allison Lopez, Co-Founder & CEO of WeConektsaid, “What an awesome show!You pulled off an event that looked like it would take a small army to put together! We so admire your commitment to your community and have deep appreciation for all you did. Thank you so much for making us a part of this special event. You’re the real deal and such an inspiration, so don’t ever forget it!!!

Check out more from the show here:

About End Result

Founded in 1983 and based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, End Result represents manufacturers of home audio/video, and aftermarket autosound products in Ohio, West Virginia, and western Pennsylvania.

Lines represented for Home Audio: Anthem, Electric Mirror, Kinetics Noise Control, Paradigm, Stewart Filmscreen, Vivitek, Wolf Cinema. 12 Volt Product lines:Hertz Audison, 5 Axis, Echomaster, JVC, Memphis, Luma Lighting, Mobile Solutions, PAC, Race Sport, Stinger, Weconekt, and Wet Sounds.